16 11 2007

It is November in South Carolina and it is cold.  But, that really isn’t pertaining to why my post is titled as it is.  This is mostly for kooldanny, who wants to know what he did wrong, but thinks that I don’t know.

I don’t like it when people don’t disclose certain, important facts when I need them.  The fact that he has a girlfriend seemed to slip his mind.  I don’t care.  I’m not mad at him, but had I known that, I wouldn’t have done a lot of stuff, so you know, it was kind of crucial that I know this.

Anyway, on to my happy, happy day.  I’m really glad that he has a girlfriend, because…I don’t know why, but it made it easier to ignore him.  😀 Just kidding. 

It’s cold outside, but beautiful all the same.  And it’s friday.  Who doesn’t love a happy Friday?  I LOVE THEM!  Happiness is like pervading my every action.  It’s amazing.  All because kooldanny got a girlfriend.  How wierd.




2 responses

16 11 2007

hey, shot..its cold there. it was snowing all day yesterday here. and now its sunny today. is that not insane..cause i think it is.

i miss you.

16 11 2007

Yep, was def. cold today! I was happy after 5th, cause in 4th, this weird gloom came over me for no reason, and 5th cheered me up. I had just gotten an A on a math test too. So no idea what the gloom was all about. Neways! Ttyl!

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