Insanity: The Repitition of an Action with the Expectation of the Same Result

16 11 2007

Ah, this definition I think is one of the more precise and accurate.  Some words have definitions that are like huh? and then there are others like this one that you completely understand.

I was watching 28 Days yesterday–and today–and the guy training the horses tells the people in rehab the definition of insanity.  Sometimes, you can classify my actions as insane.  I pick the same kind of guys, usually, trying to expect new results, ones that have never happened before.  So far, all I have done is disappoint myself even more.  I don’t know what my problem is sometimes.  Honestly.  I just do whatever I feel like, and most of the time I don’t think about it.

Some people say that I live life to the fullest, but some say I live stupidly.  But, then again, life is split into the people who jump into the pool without checking for water, and the people who do check for water, but also check the chlorine levels and the likelihood of rain.  I don’t really like to plan things.  Routine is nice in certain instances–such as when you have a relationship with a person; friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, whatever.  Then you cling to routine because you are afraid of your relationship falling apart.

But then you have the routine that everyone is anxious to break out of.  Waking up at 6 every morning, eating a bagel, showering, brushing your teeth, checking to make sure you have everything, seeing your kids off to school, assuring your child she will be fine when you drop her off at day care.  Who wouldn’t want to leave that behind?  Who wouldn’t want to push the boundaries of life to see how far they could get without doing something illegal or hurting someone they love?  The ones who check the pool, but even then they do push the boundaries after planning and checking everything out first.

I think I have a mixture of cautiousness and disgregard. Sometimes I check the pool, sometimes I don’t.  It normally depends on what kind of day I have.  All this thinking has made my head hurt.




One response

16 11 2007

Wow, a pool analogy… That’s a new one! I agree, you do sometimes check, and you sometimes don’t check… Which isn’t good nor bad. But who doesn’t know if their pool has no water in it? Hmmmm?

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