16 11 2007

New storyline.  Again.  I swear, when it comes to writing novels, I have the attention span of a goldfish with ADD.  And that’s really bad because they only have a three second attention span to begin with.

I abandoned trying to write a story about that heroine everyone would love.  So, instead, I based my character off of myself in part.  Also, the main characters that revolve around my new character are…more or less normal.  Not, like human–everything’s human; even the characters we create, including animals because it is our nature to give things human qualities–but, like the people around me.  I take their personalities and blend them to something I can work with.  Which depends on what I blend.

So, you have this twenty-three year old demon who has a tendency to kill anything that irritates her because she can.  This is what I am basing my story around.  This twenty-three year old demon.  And I have to say it is coming quite nicely.  I hit Writer’s Block about a week into November, so I couldn’t do a practice run of the NaNoWriMo.  But, oh well.




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16 11 2007
Oscar Valdez


16 11 2007

Nice, blubbering goldfish!

3 12 2007

i soo cannot keep my mind on 1 story i get like 1 chapter in and then i just start a new one in my head without meaning to! like i was writing a story about a dragon and i read a vamp romance and i started thinking about what would happen if this charecter did this instead of that and befor i knew it i was reaserching vamp names for my own book! i have the atention spand of a hockypuck!

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