18 11 2007

Currently watching Scoop at Rampage’s house.  I love this movie.  It’s hilarious.  It is three in the morning and I’m not even slightly tired.  Is Rae Rae tired?  No, she says.  LOL!  This chick always makes me feel better, even when I have suffered a great emotional blow.  😦 But, whatever.  Life moves on, doesn’t it?  It does.  Trust me.  I would know.

So, life at the moment…in Brad’s words?  It’s lifey.  Whatever the hell that means.  I need more caffeine.  Mountain Dew break.  Never mind.  There was only one left and Rachel wants it.  Never mind.  We have a whole 2 liters of coke.  No, not the kind you’re thinking!  What are you thinking?  I really am talking about Coca-Cola.  LOL.

My writing is suffering.  Not really.  I was talking to Ronald and he was showing an interest in my writing and it made me feel better.  I got Rampage to write VENATOR, the Latin word for Hunter on my back and it looks amazing.  I can’t wait until I turn 18 because then I can get all…hold on, let me count…I can only count three so far.  Once I have discovered how to use the scanner on my friggin printer, I will be able to show you EXACTLY what my tattoos are to look like.  Two are the same thing but different colors.  The first one I get when I turn 18.  The second one I get if I get married, because that’s what it symbolizes.  And then you have venator on my back, because one of my characters has that word on her back.  Are you sensing a theme here?

My mother and my father hate tattoos.  I have found it useless to argue with them.  Just like they hate piercings.  I don’t like a lot of piercings myself,  but they go a little out of the way to express their hate for them.  I don’t really want any piercing of any sort.  I was contemplating a lip piercing for a while,  but I was talking to Ward and she said that after a while, those holes are permanent and I don’t want a permanent hole above my lip. I’m sorry.  I have enough difficulty contending with one pimple at a time, much less a huge friggin’ hole.

Maybe I should get a life.  LOL.  I have a life.  And it always ends up at Rampage’s house for some reason.  I love Rampage’s house.  We always have loads of fun.  She is my BFFL, of course.  Haven’t had one of those for a really, really long time.  I don’t know what I am going to do on the last day of school on senior year.  I’ll be a frigging wreck.  I’m going to be a wreck this year at the senior slideshow because kooldanny’s going to be graduating and I will really miss the kid!

I’m getting a little tired staring down at this computer screen… Maybe I should write another ficlet.  Don’t forget to check those out.  Catch you kids later!






4 responses

18 11 2007

HELLO YOU…I was reading some of your blogs and wow. You write better than I ever have or probally ever will. I hope things are going ok and if you ever need to talk u know I am here. I can not wait to see all of you guys on Thursday…Finally.

18 11 2007

Wow! You definitely sounded like a mouse on speed in that post, just thought I should let you know.

19 11 2007

YEAH! Lindsay’s always there. I have email now–sh, don’t tell my mom, but I’ll give it to you when you get down here so we can talk all ze time. 😀

19 11 2007

Yes we always have fun at my house, i really wasnt tired lol. Senior year will be really sad for us, we must keep in touch after senior year, and visit each other during breaks and stuff when we go to college. No new BFFLS! OK? OK! I posted something new first time in a week be proud! 😀

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