19 11 2007

I don’t really understand hypocrisy.  I mean, I probably do it, I’m not saying I don’t, but it is really obvious in other people, which is why I really try to not have a double standard.  But, I don’t understand the parents who do something and then tell their kids not to do it.  Who do kids take example from?  Adults, usually their parents.  They aren’t heavily influenced by their friends until high school, and even then, most of their vaues stick because those values were ingrained on their brain from the day of their birth.

There are however, examples where this isn’t true.  The new fad nowadays is cigarettes.  There isn’t anything morally wrong with cigarettes, and I like the smell of old and faded cigarette smoke.  But I think that is altogether a disgusting habit.  I’m sorry to those who smoke, it doesn’t say anything about you as a person, but I just don’t like it.  I am really proud of Rampage because both of her parents smoke, but she doesn’t want to, and she doesn’t like it, and I am so proud of her.





2 responses

20 11 2007

yes i do not smoke, i have tried nothing fun about it, ciggs taste awful and they make you smell like a old person. And eww who would want to smell like a rotting old person lol

20 11 2007

Yeah, doesn’t sound like a walk in the park. With my mom being a resperitory therapist and all, smoking would be a deathwish for me! Not that I want to anyway.

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