Nobody Ever Pulls a Scene ‘Round Here

19 11 2007

Listening to The Killers still, so that’s why the title.  Again.  😀  They are so getting a thank you if I ever get a book published.  Anyway.  That quote is kind of relevant to school, because you would really be surprised about how little violence goes on at our school, and it isn’t like I’m not informed.  I keep a tab on everything that goes on at school.  A couple of months ago, there was something to do with gangs and a lynching, but that was like an ugly duckling amongst a flock of swans.  How often does that happen?  Once, because someone wrote a book about it.  Haha. 

My book is still coming along.  Trying to pick a title, because lately that’s like trying to get a beached whale into the ocean with just one person.  Near impossible.  Because that analogy allows for the person to use technology, so it isn’t completely impossible.  Rambling, sorry.  I am still reading A Lick of Frost and I can’t wait to start Angela’s Ashes. Rampage’s mother is letting me borrow it.  I remember reading a clip from it in ninth grade last year for class and I really liked it and Rae  Rae’s mother was like, “It’s an amazing book, I’ll let you borrow it when you have time to do it.”  And we’re coming up on Thanksgiving break, and I will have ALoF done by then, and then For a Few Demons More doesn’t come out in paperback until the 27th.  (That will be the best moment in my life, holding that paperback in my hands.)  Relatives!  I’m so excited, because we never see our relatives. 😦 But now we will see them, so it makes my frowny face a smiley face :D.

“Girl With Lips Like Morphine” is playing right now, and it is a very obscure, very amazing sound, so that means I am no longer listening to The Killers.  I should probably go study for AP World History so I can make it through school tomorrow.  Apparently–according to my sister–I was talking in my sleep last night.  Counting or something.  I definitely don’t even remember falling asleep, much less than having a life like dream.

Well, I am going to wish you all a nice sleep, because I need to study and prepare for the last day of school for 5 days!  It’s very exciting.  Oh, and I hope NaNoWriMo is coming along well, struggling writer!




One response

19 11 2007

Good luck with the title picking and book writing.

Also, have fun on you days off!

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