For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic

27 11 2007

Thanks to Paramore for that song title. It really puts my life into perspective.  Ah, my legs are still aching from running up three flights of stairs.  It is an almost pleasant feeling.  😀 I am very okay with life at the moment, except for the fact that kooldanny is…being kooldanny.  Yes, kooldanny I’m talking to you.  Forget my name much?  That was really annoying.  But, overall, I’m pretty cool with life.  I am enjoying the single, teenage, female status…not.  Maybe a little bit, but at the same time it’s annoying.  Everyone keeps talking about how “vicious” Ramxpage is towards guys, but if you are too inviting, you end up dating a jerk, or wanting to date a jerk–both of those apply to me, to be honest.  But, such is life as my old teacher Rev. Rice would say.

I love my friends.  I just felt I needed to express that.  Sometimes, I feel that I need to enforce that emotion, because I leave them occasionally for someone that I shouldn’t…Everyone knows whom I am speaking of, yes?  Good, I won’t say anything then.




2 responses

28 11 2007

Yup you leave us all the time! :[ Jk, I know you mean well, and I don’t even miss you that much either. LOL Jk ROFLMAO! I love yous!

4 12 2007

im not vicious to anyone. i mean yeah a little, but i have to be…because i dont want another jamie relationship. correct? correct. why didnt i see this post earlier??????

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