How Many Times Can You Run Into the Same Wall?

27 11 2007

I have hit the block again and it is driving me insane, because for a while there, I was good and I wasn’t doing anything but the usual four or five pages a day.  Unfortunately, I have run into the wall, again, and my life is pretty much crappy.  It makes me mad.  No idea will stick in my mind anymore.  Nothing attracts my attention, nothing.  I hate my characters and I find them weak, but I can’t do anything to improve them.  I actually think that I’m weak, and that’s why this isn’t going well.  I’m not defenseless, but I am really weak of will.  As most people can see with guys that I know.




6 responses

28 11 2007

How many times? Until the wall falls over or you figure out a way to go around it. But so far, I know of no way, so you’ll just have to learn to watch the paint dry. <:P


28 11 2007

Paint, who said anything about paint! You’re such AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol ❤

28 11 2007
werewolf grl

I’ll tell you how many times you can run into a wall. Either when a friend find an alternative route, or when you bash yourself into unconscienceness. If the first, good for you, if the second, someone will probably laugh at your unconscience body. Good luck.

28 11 2007

Thanks, werewolfgrl. Could you help me? It is our book, after all, that needs to get finished!
By the way, fluffy fan, I knew what hamz was saying and I love her for it. It makes complete sense.

29 11 2007

I see now that it does! I like blue paint, can we make the wall blue? 😛

3 12 2007

i know! i have started like 100 books but i havnt gottn beyond the first chapter on any, either the charecters are to complex or its to like another book or i just get bored with it!

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