Death and Taxes Go Hand in Hand

28 11 2007

Okay, so death and taxes.  Relationship?  Besides being completely inevitable, I don’t have any other reason to relate death to taxes, and I am trying to figure out why people do. 

I definitely found out the names of two of the cutest guys and I am so happy now.  Obviously I am not going to put their names down, but I was so proud of myself that I about cried.  😀 They are adorable and I see them every day and wonder what their names are.  Now I don’t have to!  I’m so happy.

This is kind of a pointless post.  My uncle’s myspace is appalling, by the way, so I hope he looks at this because I told him, and he didn’t believe me. I love you, Chris, but Kid Rock really isn’t that awesome.  😀 JK. 

The other day my friend told me that he thought the Confederacy was dead–which was a dumb thing to say, because about half the Civil War took place in South Carolina–and I told him that my uncle who lived where the Union is from bought a Confederacy belt buckle.  It was funny.  You know, the Confederacy lost and they have a holiday for it?  The Union doesn’t have holidays for it!  What’s up with that?




4 responses

28 11 2007

I agree. Simplicity is the key to any site that brings high traffic. I have kep my site Part time> pretty simple

28 11 2007
Myles Chandler

oh yeah cute guys great times…

wait i have to be manly… umm CHEST HAIR


29 11 2007

Wow, you just made me laugh.

29 11 2007

I’m confused by myles’ comment, should I be, or is that my slowness is quite astonishing. LOL!

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