Alice In Wonderland

29 11 2007

I feel like Alice right now.  Like my life couldn’t get much better.  I don’t think it could.  I had a really uncomfortable conversation with Daniel about my relationship status, and then realized how whiny I must have sounded.  But, not being in a relationship doesn’t make someone an unhappy person.  Really…Okay, so maybe I’m lying.  So sue me.  But, life is good right now, and it seems really surreal, besides the fact that I am almost failing my french and history classes.  Well, I should go talk to Myles.  He’s mad because he’s sick at home, and I’m in engineering where I can’t get AIM.  Well, ttyl, peeps!





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29 11 2007

Yeah, so I am single, never had a boyfriend. I’m very happy, so I think I’ll just keep being happy til some gorgeous intellectual funny AND TALL *no offens to any short guys* guy becomes interested in me. Then I’ll be like “Oh, my god.” and have to go get him! 🙂 Lol! Anyway, I’m not gonna go looking for a guy. I’ll let us find each other whenever we find each other. Looking presents all the more heartbreak when there isn’t anything to find. That’s how I look at it. If you find something good if you weren’t looking, voila! you are surprised and happy! I like happy (not saying I’m never anything but happy, believe me, there are plenty of those days). :p

29 11 2007
Myles Chandler

i am going to get wordpress over the weekend and try to see if i can get an RSS feed on one of them

30 11 2007

OMG! YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY! I would ask you to get married, but I’m not even legal. JUST KIDDING! about the marriage thing. I really am not legal.

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