The Glorious Life of a Grounded Writer

18 12 2007

I definitely don’t think that Laurell K. Hamilton ever got grounded from  her computer.  I am now grounded from my computer, and I can’t use it, so I’m working on the computers at school, and it is really ticking me off.  My parents don’t ground my brother from his instrument.  That’s his art choice.  So, why did I get grounded from my art choice?  Because my dad’s mean.  It makes me mad, because I am using pen and paper a lot more than I usually do, killing helpless trees….

Okay, so maybe I really don’t care, but at the same time, wouldn’t you be irritated?  I haven’t talked to Myles in over a month, which is absolutely depressing. 😦  Anyway.  Since, I have the attention span of a teaspoon, I am trying short stories, peeps.  So, the first short story (besides Inner Demons, which wasn’t really a short story) will be up here in a couple of days…Make that weeks, because Christmas break is definitely one day away.  Tomorrow is my last day of using the school computers to do things I can’t at home because my dad is being gay.  I said something to my mom, but she hasn’t responded.

However, this grounded girl has definitely talked her mother into going to Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.  Should I post the vid again?  Nah.  I definitely got Moulin Rouge from Ramxpage for Christmas.  How exciting!  I haven’t watched it yet because I spent my night last night babysitting so my parents could go to a Christmas party.  I did watch the new Harry Potter for the third time though–I saw it twice in theaters!

I am trying to find the vid from Moulin Rouge that I want, but I don’t know if you get youtube here, anyway.  Well, I should definitely get something done…oh, wait!  I am completely a week ahead of schedule in yearbook and I am really excited. 

My hunt for a boyfriend is over.  I don’t have one, but someone I really liked turned out to be someone I didn’t know he was, and I don’t like that person, so I am moving on, and setting my sights on someone in the near future, if my life allows for it.  You don’t have to rush into love.

Well, Merry Christmas, Hannukah, Kwaanza!  I would combine them, but my fingers are nearly frozen and I need to leave!


kaelie curbxstomp




5 responses

18 12 2007

Merry Christmas to you. 🙂

18 12 2007

Who be this guy that you don’t like now? Is it cute cafeteria guy? I would like to know! Hehehe! Christmahannakwanzaaka! Lol, I didn’t spell that right! Ttyl, oh wait,I’m right beside you!

18 12 2007

Sorry about getting you grounded. I think I made up for it with your present :D. I’m glad you like what i got you. I worked hard on finding. Ha ha. So my pest really wants me to go to his thing on new years. So….yeah i need to find all this stuff out. Anyways i will see you later. Merry Christmas to you too bby boo! Even though i really don’t like christmas.

18 12 2007

Gasp! Christmas rokks for me, but you gotta have the snow. There’s something about the snow that “completes” the holiday season ^-^.
Fluff, it’s Christmahannakwanzaka, you even said so, and it’s been stuck in my head all day and I’ve said it to everybody that has walked upon the surface of this planet.



p.s. Yeah, where did that Myles kid go? And I was bout to say you could come to my house to type but…you’re grounded from that too =_= Grr.

19 12 2007

I know what you mean about the snow Hamz. I feel the exact same way. This season hasn’t felt like Christmas at all because we didn’t put up a tree or decorations and it’s not snowing. Plus, everyone’s irritated with the same Christmas music over and over again. Plus, since I’m grounded me and ramxpage can’t hang out. Don’t feel bad about getting me grounded Ramxpage. I live my life grounded. My parents rarely allow me to do anything anyway. They about had a heart attack when they realized I had to make a blog for Film crit. They had a stroke when they found out I talk to people who don’t even live in this state. 😀 I love it.

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