Define Teacher

3 01 2008

I haven’t really given thought to what teachers do.  Yes, they teach me 5/7 days of the week for a good portion of my day.  The tearm teacher is used…well, I don’t thik it’s used enough, or for the right things.  I was thinking during geometery about the three teachers I’ve had so far for my math course.  The same thing happened last year with my global studies class.  What makes a teacher a teacher?  What makes them a good teacher or a bad teacher?

Teachers, I believe are very limited.  They have course plans, lesson plans, they have to enforce the rules.  Admittedly, though, I feel better when they enforce the rules–the sensible rules, mind you  (we have this rule about inhuman hair color, and it makes me laugh because no one cares.  There are hairstyles that attract more attention than the kid with pink hair.)  The system doesn’t think highly of the teachers.  People can say whatever they want.  The system does not appreciate its employees, outside of the administrators.  So I wanted to make clear what I think about all of my teachers. 

Good Teachers:

We are not allowed to hug teachers anymore.  All of the teachers that decided to sleep with their students screwed the rest of us over.  (No pun intended.)  But, a good teacher is one that you know they would accept a hug if you wanted to give them one.  I have teachers that dont, won’t, and absolutely hate the students they teach.  A good teacher can give advice when you ask, because they’ve made mistakes, too, and they want to help you to do well.  They do everything they can to make you understand, even if it means they have to go over the time they had allotted for that section.  The good teachers respect you and your opinions, and when they see the mistakes you make, they take you aside, tell you the weight of your mistakes, and help you as best as they can.  They teach you about life, and you’ll most likely remember for the rest of your life.

Bad Teachers:

I had someone say something along the lines of there are no truly bad teachers.  I coulda smacked ’em.  But there are.  They aren’t necessarily the ones who barely teach you anything.  That can be bad for your grades, but those teachers show you more about life.  The bad teachers are only worried about how they will look in the administration’s eyes.  They want to get you to your exam, not caring about how much you are stressed, or how hard you struggle and yet you never succeed.  I understand it’s all about the level course you are taking, but the difficulty of a college clas…what the AP teahcers don’t understand is we are taking 6 different classes, we have a bed time, we eat, we have a fmaily.  These teachers expect us to dedicate our lives to their class and that isn’t fair, because those are the clases that may not help you in your major, your career.  The bad teachers could care less about the choices and mistakes you make.  That doesn’t really make them a teacher.  Not at all.

The world is not divided into good and bad people.  It’s black, white, and gray,  our world.  There are no absolutes, no final opinion on anything.  Like the classic debate of religion; of abortion and its ethical properties; of the death penalty and its ethical properties.  But, there’s nothing you can do but assert your opinion, which I just did.

Dedicated to:  Shields.




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3 01 2008
Clay Burell


I’m a teacher and publisher of a very influential student group blog, Students 2.0, and I’d like to invite you to contact me to discuss the possibility of becoming a staff writer.

To learn more – and to prove I’m entirely legit – please see this this post, and shoot me an email if you’d like to talk more.

You write well. You have things to say about education that adult educators and the larger world should hear.

Keep it up. Hope to hear from you!

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