Have You Heard?

3 01 2008

Well, as the world knows, Jamie Lynn Spears is preggers.  Aren’t you so proud?  Following in her sister’s footsteps, that is definitely for certain.

I love how everybody’s like freaking out because she’s sixteen.  Do people not realize that this happens every day?  Sixteen year old girls get pregnant all the time, but you don’t see them plastered all over the news.  I really don’t think the Spears realize that everyone is watching their every move.  And if they are, which I doubt, they are doing a really crappy job of acting responsibly.  I really don’t care about their lives, but unfortunately, I see the headlines every time I get onto the internet. 

What annoys me about her getting pregnant is that she’s rich and they are going to see her child in these cute outfits, and Jamie may look happy but taking care of a child isn’t all fun.  It is basically an encouragment for kids.  “Oh, she can dress her kid in these cute outfits!  It doesn’t look that difficult.”

Bullcrap.  There are a lot of people out there that shouldn’t be parents, and no one is ever ready to have kids when they are sixteen.  Not even if you have taken care of kids all of your life.  Me and my mom were watching the View the other day and someone was saying they should take the show off the air, and the other person was saying they shouldn’t because Jamie was going to pay the consequence.  Her consequence is going to be very very mild and I will tell you that, because she is going to have someone else take care of her kid, and you know it.




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6 01 2008

Hell yeah. That’s the dumbest thing ever. In fact, my mom brought up pregnancy at 16 today…kinda randomly. She was like, “You’re not going to get pregnant at 16, are you?” I replied with a, “NO! Never! That’s so stupid!” She kept saying when I meet a guy and stuff…I kept saying to her in reply, “I know I know, NO SEX.” And she said, “Exactly.” haha. I know this already. There is no way I’m getting pregnant now. That’s the dumbest move any girl could make…really really really.
I totally agree with you about how no one is ready at that age. I can barely stand my brothers, and you have even more. uff. No way. A baby = lots of money, lots of time, thus lots of YOUR LIFE. Noooo way. I’m going to live my life before I worry about living the baby’s.


Teenage pregnancy FTL!

7 01 2008

Lol. I agree with you. If you get pregnant at sixteen, your only chance of getting back on track is giving that baby up, and then that’s not right. Kids suffer for their parents sins way too much.
Kaelie Curbxstomp

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