Pen To Paper And Back Again

4 01 2008

I was trying to revive a story yesterday, and after twenty minutes, I looked at my paper and there was a cluster of red dots, one for each time I had touched my pen to the paper while trying to decide on my first word.  Reviving this story is going to be like coaxing a forest fire from a single ember.  Possible, but excruciatingly difficult.

Red pen is my utensil of choice.  Sometimes I’ll use black and blue, but I have to write with those colors every day.  (I refuse to use pencil except on scantron tests; I even use pen for math.)  I see red.  Not physically, but in my mind, red stands out.  That’s why I use it.  It’s bold, it’s different, and reading my stories in red makes them seem better than they really are, if that makes any sense.  It does to me.

Have you ever gotten so many compliments from people you know and became suspicious?  Like your writing wasn’t as good as they say it is?  I was talking to Ramxpage and she was telling me about how much she liked “Silver and Lead?”, a short story I wrote for her as a birthday gift.  I know Ramxpage wouldn’t lie to me about that, and then Ramxpage’s mother liked it, so I am wondering if I’m really that good or really that bad.

I take pride in my writing if it deserves it.  I mean no writer can ever write perfect.  You will always write some crap.  It’s a 100% thing people.  Even though I am proud of it, I am really scared of sharing.  I hate disappointing people, and if they don’t like my writing…That’s why I refuse to join the writing club at school.  I have to get up and talk in front of people.  Two of the things I fear most:  public speaking and people not liking my writing.  It really, really scares me. I would love to join a writing group; even start one, but I am fairly confident that my writing style is quite a bit different than what people I know write.  I write about what I know, but it gets filtered though the supernatural and the relationships that my characters have to deal with. 

It also doesn’t help that I refuse to read teen novels.  Something about them really bothers me.  Probably the whiny characters, dull plots and the…blandness.  I would have to tone down my voice to write the normal teen book.  It just sums like those writers are confined.  anyways I like reading series of books because I know the end isn’t anywhere in sight.

That’s my piece on my writing, for now.  I’ll check you kids later.




6 responses

5 01 2008

wow as a reader of your writting i can honestly say i enjoy it not only is the stroy theme wounderful but the fact that you wrote it makes the story part of your personality and the fact that im head over heels in love with you helps promote the story in my eyes ….. as for everybody else who care?? theyre everybody else!! you should spend less time trying to please the masses and worry more bout pleaseing you …(and me) but that goes without saying i love your stories and i wouldnt change em for the world. As for that red pen well your wierd and thats y i love ya!!! so i did update my site it took me longer than expected but hey at least i did it !!!

6 01 2008
Myles Chandler

Teen Novels always end the same, i refuse to read them too.

6 01 2008

@Myles: Yeah, I hate it when teen novels all end and your like so mad you never want to read again. That’s what happens to me most of the time.
@Daniel: I saw your site, commented, but you haven’t approved it. I love you too.

6 01 2008

Hmm. I actually agree with Cooldanny there about the fear of disappointment. Curb, seriously, you have to work on brushing off those thoughts. You’re self concious which is good, but don’t get too self-concious that you will restrain yourself. Your best writing comes from when you are purely yourself, not when you are writing for someone to be happy.
Personally, I like your writing. You almost instantly can paint a picture for me. I remember the first sentence of one of them I immediately had a setting in my head, and then filled it in as I read some more. Even your themes are interesting. C’mon, how boring can werewolves be? Lol.

As for the red pen…hmm. It makes sense. I don’t like red because it makes my eyes hurt after a while. I prefer blue pen. I can’t stand writing big, nor can I stand a single scribble. It has to be small and neat; unified. “It’s those little things about people that you remember.” You told me that, remember?


7 01 2008

I cannot believe u said setting hamms, and I agree with u about Curb 4getting what others think of your writing. U are an amazing writer, even though I haven’t read any of it yet. Wow, I’m such a good friend, right?! Lol, no I like the beginning to the 1st murder one. It’s really good to me. I shall read the rest of ur stories as soon as I can. I loves ya, chica!

7 01 2008

What’s wrong with setting? You have your plot, characters, and a setting. Weirdo.

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