I Won’t Tell If You Won’t

7 01 2008

I have issues.  Everyone does, but mine are like…mine, so I am more attune to them.  So you get to know all of my little quirks that annoy me and sometimes other people… like Hamz. 

While I don’ t like talking, I just have pressure of speech sometimes, and then I want to shut up just in case I’m annoying someone.  I don’t know.

Also, I have an issue with the books that I own.  The bindings absolutely cannot be creased.  They have to be perfect, and if they aren’t, I spend more time mourning their heydays than I do reading them.  I’ll stop midpage and then look at the binding, because my friends borrow them and then ruin them.  It hurts my heart.

I cannot write without music.  Mostly, I listen to death core.  I listen to Norma Jean singing about hell.  And that inspires me.  They are a liberal Christian band, and they sing about life and hell in general.  Stuff most Christian artists don’t even give thought to.  I have to have the constant background noise, because if  I write in silence, I have nothing to keep my attention, so I start rambling, or just quit and play freecell and get my butt kicked by a deck of cards.  The music also helps me with dialogue, which may sound wierd, but, as I’ve been told, I’m just normally wierd.

My bed always has to be made.  I hate sitting on my bed when it isn’t made–I immediately get up and make it…after I eat breakfast, of course.  Two bowls of cereal.  Yum.

I have a weakness for guys in action movies.  Romance movies…eh.  Those guys are usually sappy, teary eyed twerps.  In action movies, they can take care of themselves, and they are brutal.  Like Jason Statham in The Transporter.  Or, Christian Bale in Batman Begins.  Oh, baby, don’t even get me started on that movie.  Can you say…never mind.  Use your imagination.  I mean, who would you rather take care of you:  Bruce Wayne, or George Bailey?  George Bailey is amazingly yummy, but, uh, Bruce Wayne?  No competition.  Bruce Wayne can take me out whenever he wants.

I am a very practical person.  I don’t usually do something just to see what will happen, because I know that there are always consequences.  The chances I take are minimal…I don’t like the unexpected, because it often comes with a nasty aftermath.  Trust me.  Happened to me constantly last year.

Wow, me, me, me, huh?  I sound like a brat.  I’m sorry, but I haven’t really talked about myself.  There was a tragedy this weekend.  I cried, so hard.  I sat at the computer in tears.  Phoenix Black, Haven’s brother, whom I have known longer than Ramxpage, has died.  I killed him, and I felt bad.  Someone told me it was just a story, but he was a part of me, and I killed him.  Dead, gone, poof.  I sound really stupid, but it hurt my heart.  😦  I am still recovering.  I don’t know if I can read that passage without crying anytime soon, but I won’t tell if you won’t. 




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7 01 2008

I can’t stand making my bed because I just don’t like to. When I sleep I organize my pillows so it makes like a fort around me. When I fix my bed, I have to re-organize that, so no. My mom is a neat freak so she hates walking into my room lol. In a sense, though, it is all neat. I know where my stuff is…it’s just…spread out.
But hah! You gotta give me a copy of the death of Phoenix. I want to mourn with you. I understand how you got attached to him. 😛
No, you don’t sound like a brat. The only time you sound like a brat is…ok well I’m not gonna say. Hehe, that’s for you to lose sleep over trying to figure out. 😉

7 01 2008
Steve Rosenbaum

Sounds like a little OCD. Check out an episode of Monk on USA and see if you don’t have a few things in common. You just have to start worrying if your washing your hands 50 times a day or you can’t leave the house without checking to see if the door was locked more than about 5 times.

7 01 2008

christian bale seems like a good guy

8 01 2008

I love action movie guys for exactly the same reasons! They can take care of themselves and it is so attractive! Lol! You don’t really talk about yourself that much, so don’t worry about it. K, bye!

10 01 2008

Oh, bout your books…
I freak out if there is a single fold in my Midori book. You have to like, barely open it a crack to read what’s inside, so as not to bend it at all. I wish I could read it without opening it. That would make the world easier.

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