The First To End

13 01 2008

This post is about one of the proudest moments in my life.  I am like *this* close to being done with the first manuscript of my novel.  I am so freaking excited that I can’t wait to work on it…the only reason I’m not doing that at the moment is because I’m talking to y’all.  Rachel is only a week or so away from being the queen of England.  But, she told me she wasn’t going to read what made her the queen of England because it wasn’t part of our agreement.  Figures.

My manuscript so far is 192 pages without the long excerpt I had to edit, which is, at the moment, in a separate document, so with that…it’s over 200 pages, and then I have to write the last five or six chapters, which should take me like two days, depending on how much computer time I get.  Hamz likes reading my work, so she unwittingly deemed herself my critiquer.  She gets to check for my mistakes.  Maybe not.  I’ll probably have my mother do that and then Hamz can read it for leisure.  😀

I have discovered that the Moulin Rouge soundtrack is one of the most motivating.  It kept my attention on writing for over two hours.  Normally, I get on the computer, I write for maybe twenty minutes and then I get bored.  Then, I blog or mess around with my settings on my blog, get bored with that and play freecell until my dad tells me to get off the computer.  So, yeah.  I have the attention span of a goldfish with ADD, as I have told you before, and that only applies to my writing, because I can sit and read an entire book with only breaks for the bathroom.  Unlike Rampage, you have to tie her down, drug her, and give her enough food to feed an entire third world country to get her to read.  Just kidding, ramxpage. 

It also helps that yesterday my parents were talking about my brother and his band competition and how proud they were.  Great, yeah, I’m proud, too, but since no one seems to care about my writing, the only way to get attention is to finish the first draft, and have my mother edit it.  I think she will like it.  I know I love it and you know if you like it it has to be good.  😀  Wow, that can apply to so many things that I shouldn’t have said it.

Anyway, my manuscript is so close to being finished that I am on the verge of going psycho because I’m so EXCITED!  I’m going to Ramxpage’s hockey game tonight and chilling at her house for a while, so I’ll be put back a day or so in my writing.  Oh, well.  I’ll post about the results of the game, and how everything’s going tonight!




3 responses

14 01 2008

I’m really proud. I’d like to read it when you finish, if you’ll let me.

Also, I talked to Mr. Burell, and he said we can do a video here at the school and send it. Just tell me when your mom can come up here.

14 01 2008

Awesomeness!!! Yay for Curb!!!!! I’m so proud, my little baby has spread her creative novel wings, and is gonna fly baby!!!!! Lol, that reminded me of the scene in Mulan when Mushu is sending her off to training! Glad that soundtrack helped you out! Thx for turning me onto Sweeney Todd, b/c I saw it last night w/ Hamms, and a few other peeps, and it was amazuhzing, I’ll totally see it again if you and ur mom still want to go! Lol! K and I also got the soundtrack today, so I’m extremely happy!!!!!!! K, bye!!!!!!!

14 01 2008

I would love you to read it. Just remember it’s rough…real rough. 😀 Fluffy, the exact thing came to mind, don’t worry. I might be going to see Sweeney Todd at the Peace Center. *squeals* A real broadway production! AMAZING. So how good was the movie?

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