Change and the Difficulty Typically Attached…

14 01 2008

I really wanted to change my theme about twenty minutes ago…now, I never want to change it.  I don’t know.  Change for humans is like impossible, because we get so burrowed into our comfort zone that pulling us out is like one person working a Gatlinburg.  It ain’t gonna happen people!

I was looking through all of the themes and I was like, I like mine!!! Grr.  I hate not changing something because I’m afraid I’ll miss what I once had.  I didn’t really have a problem with change up until we finally settled down.  I was changing schools often twice a year for a little bit, and now we’ve been in the same spot for two years, and I’m getting my fear of change back.  NOT GOOD.

But isn’t that change in and of itself?  😀 I just thought about that.  I am working on a project–trust me, I really am, for those of you know my motivation is nil–and it’s going to show me how much I change in the span of a year.  I am starting it at the end of this month so I have a rough time estimate.  I am going to take pictures, and have journal entries, and it is all going to happen right here on this blog.  You will know when the project is effective because it will be the Category and the Tag.

I’m really excited.  I can sometimes see how I have physically changed–height and all that, but I am wondering how my world impacts me emotionally, so we will see.  Later, peeps.




3 responses

15 01 2008

Sometimes change is inevitable though. And most of us hate it. Though I do look forward to the change of college. No more stupid brothers and nagging parents!

16 01 2008

Nice about this new project of yours. And btw, what the heck is a Gatlinburg?

23 03 2008

i am gonna show this to my friend

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