Broken Mirrors, Broken Heart, 7 Years of Bad Luck Either Way

15 01 2008

I was looking at my blog stats a second ago, and besides people looking at my Mick St. John page (yum), I get a lot of visitors to my Post Break-Up Depression post. 

I sincerely regret that post now.

About half of the world has now read about the first time in my life I have ever been dumped.  I am really mad at myself for letting that bother me, considering worse things have  happened, but shock…when it hits me it hits me like a frigging Mack truck loaded with explosives.

So, since so many people have a) issues with break-ups or b) have no lives, and want to read about the girl who got her ass dumped, I will give you the best post breakup advice ever:


Seriously.  The only thing dwelling on a breakup will do for you is break your heart even more, and then time will slip away from you, and you will curse yourself later in life for dwelling on it.  It may sound harsh, and there is no problem with taking a couple of days to watch sappy romances and eat chocolates because you are now a bachelorette with no one to…cuddle with.  (wink, to those of you who caught my train of thought.)

Anyway, I am happy to say that that breakup was the best thing that ever happened to me, because it opened my eyes…and made me very, very distrustful of guys in the long run.  So, they can sweet talk me all they want, but I won’t believe them.  I want to believe some of them, but mostly I just play it like it’s nothing.  That hurts, but, you know, not as much as it would if I believed them in the long run.




4 responses

15 01 2008

I’m a loser that reads all of your emails.
Lol, jk.
You always hear people say that you need to get over break-ups or else they’ll ruin you. It seems that no one listens to that, and that it takes an actual experience to learn your lesson. Well, I guess you learned, Curb! YAAAY!
Ahem. So yeah, about your trust thing. Hmm. I got something to say but I think…I’ll tell you tomorrow 😉


15 01 2008

Best advice ever. I know people (okay 1 person) who has had numerous breakups, and she threatens suicide every stinking time. Then she goes emo, and I hit her really hard ;D

16 01 2008

I like that tactic, Wolfgirl, very nice! Yeah, glad you’ve seen the light, Curb! We loves you no matter what, and if we have to, will gorge ourselves on chocolate and movies with you!

16 01 2008

I love chocolate. O_+


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