The Expected

15 01 2008

The expected things in life hurt more at first than the unexpected.  When an unexpected event happens your mind blocks you from it for a while–it’s the magic of a human mind.  It helps you cope, and then, when you are finally ready (which may be never) your memories will come back to you.  By then, your pain will be marginally less.

When you are at a loved one’s death bed, knowing they are going to die, nothing really sinks in.  You think, when their time comes it won’t hurt as much.  It hurts worse because, in your expectation, you don’t realize that they will be gone.  It doesn’t hit you until later, and your mind normally doesn’t protect you from that.

Like, my family knew that our cat of 15 years companionship was going to die.  It hurt really bad when he was put down.  I cried all day.  Now, that he’s gone, I don’t feel anything.  It’s like an old friend that you haven’t seen in a really long time, and never will see again.  I honestly don’t think that death really ever sets in, because if it did, we would be wrecks.




2 responses

15 01 2008

Death never really sinks in. My mom’s mom died 16 years ago, and talking about her still makes my mom cry. I hope I wont be that bad when she dies. So far, no one I have really known has died…yet.

16 01 2008

Sorry about your cat, Curb. I hate it when you have to put a pet down, even if it is taking them away from their pain, I just don’t feel right taking them out of the world without them having any say about it. They’re like humans to most people and a just like a human on their deathbed can choose whether or not to be on life support, I wish pets could express whether they want to be put down or not. My nana’s dog Thunder Lightning Fisher (I know, cool name right?!) was put down at the ripe old age of 14 b/c of all his arthritis and other ailments. He had been such a good dog, and they had had him since before I was born, so I was really sad to see him leave and go to doggy heaven. I still miss him sometimes. But, hopefully you can still think of how happy your cat is up in kitty heaven, sorry again about what happened to it.

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