Star Struck

16 01 2008

Okay, I want to use these next five minutes to gush about my favorite author ever….And the fact that she talked to me!  *squeal*  Kim Harrison, bestselling author of the Rachel Morgan series talked to me, me!  She talks to other people too, but I have been a fan from the very, very beginning.  I was so excited the first time she responded to my comment, and she has responded every time since!  Isn’t that awesome.  😀 I’ve talked to Vicki Pettersson, who is also on my BLOGROLL.  So, please, please, please check them out.  Even if you just click the link on the blogroll.  They are really, really good writers.




4 responses

16 01 2008

U make me laugh, just soes you know, and I love ya for it. C ya later chick! 😉

16 01 2008

WTH of a comment was THAT!? Psh. You stink


Ok just kidding, that wasn’t really my comment. But I guess I’ll check it out >.> I wish my hero would comment me… 😛 *sigh*

16 01 2008

who’s your hero?

16 01 2008

Probably some geek who works on Nintendo stuff…pff… Lol, JK, ROFLMAO! Anyway, I really do hate you Hamms, no, I don’t, yeah, maybe I do, nope, nope pretty sure I don’t.

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