You Cannot Win

18 01 2008

Someone told me today that you could not win.  He had no idea.  I have tried to do so well in my AP class and I’m getting nowhere.  I try to do extracurricular, but I end up giving them up because my parents have already adjusted their schedules to my brother’s need.  I’m fine with that, but it’s another loss on my tally.

I have reached page 220 in my novel, which is absolutely amazing, because I’ve been working on it since…this summer?  Yeah, so you know.  Major character development going on, kind of showing what’s happening to me in real life.  The realization that not everyone is who you thought they were on first impression.

I have just discovered something I didn’t know about one of my characters, and I am going to miss him.  😀 I’ll write more later my loves, but I’m pretty busy.  Gonna be spending my weekend watching M*A*S*H.  My favorite show ever.




3 responses

18 01 2008

Your such a freak, Curb! You and your M*A*S*H! Lol! Anyway, I loves ya, and congrats on your character development! Hope your weekend is good! Loves, your Fluffy!

19 01 2008

I just watched Shakespeare in Love last night. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll love it. It shows the idea that maybe Romeo and Juliet was based on his love for this woman he couldn’t have, blah blah. Omg. The guy who plays Shakespeare is the total opposite. He’s beautiful. Yum. Zomg, yum. I mean, poetry and a beautiful man = no chance for the lady. /sigh


19 01 2008

Def. sounds yummy…

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