Ah, The System

22 01 2008

I think that teachers in this country have it rough.  Not just rough, but extremely rough.  I don’t know if the joy of teaching someone something would actually compensate for the…oppression? 

That word is a little harsh.  But, still.  They cannot express any opinions–outright anyway–and it just seems like they are constantly looking over their shoulders for the administrative force.  It’s sad. 

One of my teachers had an Obama sticker stuck to her back and did not notice it until towards the end of the day, and she was freaking out.  She was going on about how she could lose her job and all this stuff.  I didn’t believe her, until she was being dead serious.  How awful would that be?

To work with someone constantly watching you, calling you on your mistakes?  To fear expressing yourself because you might lose your job? Doesn’t that infringe on the freedom of expression thing or something?

Watching your teachers fear for their jobs is hard.  Although, I have noticed something.  The teachers who are afraid of the system are people.  Not that any of my other teachers aren’t.  But the frightened ones actually lead lives and have opinions.  The ones who don’t?  I honestly do not know if they have an outside life.  I know one of my teachers does not…Hamz, Fluffy, and Ramxpage all know what I’m talking about. 

Oh, and check the blogroll.  beyond-school, my dears.




One response

22 01 2008

Hmm…yes I know who you’re talking about. The man with the crying child.
Yeah, that thing with the Obama sticker…yeech. It was funny until she was serious. I didn’t even think that was possible…(that she could get fired for that)


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