In Memoriam: Heath Ledger

23 01 2008

At 28 years old, one of my favorite actors is dead.  I did not want to believe my dad when he told me, but a quick trip to CNN, I found it was

As you know they found him dead in an apartment, naked with sleeping pills beside the bed.  Everyone is waiting for the autopsy, and then we’ll know.  It is all too reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.

I had just been talking about him the day before, because he is playing The Joker in Batman: The Dark Knight which debuts this summer.  It felt odd, to talk about him one day and find out he’s dead the next.

Dying young has never been on my list of objectives, but when they put Heath’s age on the screen, it made me realize I’m not immortal.  I’ve always known that, but when someone dies so young its a cold slap in the face.  It says, “I’m coming for you.”

This is in memoriam for Heath Ledger, 28 years old.  Rest in peace, Heath.




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23 01 2008

I was so sad when I found out when he died. The day before he died, I watched Brother’s Grimm. To think, he died around the time I watched it. R.I.P Heath.

23 01 2008

*sob* It’s so hard to accept death. Not many people literally knew the man, and yet we’re saddened by his parting. Of course it’s a terrible thing when someone dies, but the way it affected people is…I can’t think of a good word for it. If I’m this mourful over his death…then I probably won’t live past Carrey’s death…

23 01 2008

I know what you mean hams. I know.

24 01 2008

Another new Avatar?
I swear, I still think Ledger is alive. I wonder how I would’ve reacted if I was this age when Farley died…?

24 01 2008

Poor Heath! He was a great actor and not to mention he was pretty sexy :D. I am going to miss his movies. Sad that he died at the age of 28, with a little girl to. 😦 poor man!

24 01 2008

I know, his poor baby. I still can’t believe that Heath is dead. It makes me so sad. I’m going to see Batman for him though. I love my new avatar. It’s hot.

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