Excerpt from My Story

24 01 2008

Okay, you guys need to anticipate the first few excerpts of my story Tarot Cards and Black Roses.  I’ll give you a little synopsis.  I write fantasy, by the way.  My main character is Rebecca Winter and she has freedom issues.  It’s set in the 1800s, but I’m not sure exactly when.  I still have a little bit of research to do.  Rebecca’s my heroine, and William Leventhall is my hero.  I’m in love.  😀 He’s gorgeous and he’s my kind of guy. (Imagine that…) Anyway, he helps Rebecca with her freedom problems, because she ends up staying with him when she leaves home.  It’s really, really rough right now, because my rewrite’s not going to happen until after I finish it completely, so you guys are getting the raw materials.  The bad guy is named James, no last name, but he has a nasty little secret that occurs later.  William and James both have nasty little secrets, but all in good time.  Rebecca keeps her own secret–the fact that she’s a clairovoyant.  Y’all know what that means.  They have their own twisted little supernatural family.  Oh, and don’t forget Matthew!  He’s a werewolf.  Anyway, that’s pretty much all you need to know without me giving away everything and I will see you later!




2 responses

25 01 2008

That actually sounds like my kinda book, curb! I can’t wait to start reading exerpts! Keep ’em coming! Tank you! Fluff 🙂

25 01 2008

No problem, my love.

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