Want A Laugh?

29 02 2008

This is so hilarious.  I found it on Vicki Petterson’s blog and I think it would suffice to say I laughed.


Tag, You’re It!

29 02 2008

I got tagged by a friend and so I’m going to put all the rules up and then my applications to the rules, but I’m not going to link back to her.

Go back to your archives and link to your five favorite posts.

Link one: Must be about family.
Link two: Must be about friends.
Link three: Must be about yourself.
Link four: Must be about something you love.
Link five: Can be about anything you choose.

Tag 5 other people; two must be people you are newly acquainted with so you can get to know them better.


Okay, here goes…

The Holiday From Hell was a funny post that described the family visits that happen oh so rarely for us, since all of our family lives in Michigan. This post, Ice Skating With My BFFL, is one of my favorites, a good time that I had with Ramxpage, and it makes me laugh.  A post about myself that I actually liked was difficult so I chose The Lost Generation because it describes alot about my life and my history.  Something I love… The First To End is a post almost exclusively about my writing, so it makes me really happy, because I love my writing.  My last post is Fools and Kings, for both the post itself and the comments which are just as entertaining. 

Okay, I tag Fluffy, Hamz, Kianah, Myles, and Struggling Writer.  Have fun, y’all!

Talk About PMS

28 02 2008

I bought so much food today at lunch it is insane.  I am like two days away from my period and I’m going crazy.  It really explains the moodswings. 😀 Anyway, time to talk about my life…

I think my blog is boring.  I don’t do the cool picture thing everyone else does on like a weekly basis. When I need to represent a feeling I can’t put into words, I’ll put a picture up.  But other than that, it’s not happening.  Andrew calls this my “rant page” as if the blog is all one page.  (He knows nothing of blogs.)

Moving on.  Being in love isn’t as bad as it has been all year.  Still in love with the guy who is completely blind, according to my favorite hamster.  Whatever.  The year’s almost over, so it’ll probably be over then.  I pray that it won’t, but it will, because having confidence in the keeping in touch thing is really difficult.  I am trying to focus my doting attention upon my new love, William, the character of my book that is currently in the stage of rewrite!

Rewriting isn’t as hard as writing the book was in the first place, so that’s all good.  It’s easier to write it like it’s in the twenty-first century instead of in the nineteenth.  It’s a two hundred year difference.  My characters are a little more believable, because I have no idea how they talked back then, so there are no contractions throughout the novel.  (I mean the don’t, can’t shouldn’t, not the birth ones.)  Plus, I can make William look exactly how I want him:  tattoos and piercings, wherever I want them.  (Hah! You’re sick if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking.)

So, I was sitting on my bed the other day, minding my own business, reading my Batman comic book when I realized, life really isn’t as difficult as people make it out to be.  I mean, it’s difficult in varying levels for varying people, but my life is fairly simple.  If I did my homework every so often, I could probably be class valedictorian.  Our class valedictorian has a teacher for  a parent, so they expect alot more.  My parents just expect me to the best I can.  I have a 4.2 doing absolutely nothing.  If I tried, it’d be a lot higher than that, but I have aspirations outside of doing homework seven hours a day. 

My weekend will be spent doing a research paper, and what little homework I want to do, while reading Michael Crichton’s Timeline, which is an amazing book.  I don’t really like male writers.  I have three exceptions:  Michael Crichton, John Grisham, and The Struggling Writer.

I hope all of you have a fabulous weekend, if I don’t post again until Monday, which is really probable, because I’ll be rewriting!  Here’s a picture for you to think about:


Aren’t they beautiful?


I Said I Love You, Isn’t That Enough?

27 02 2008

Just because someone tells you that they love you DOES NOT mean that they do.  Unless they are one of those “Love thy neighbor” types, then maybe, but generally, when an athiest tells you that they love you, they are not doing it because religion dictates it.

I know a few people that expect me to believe everything that comes out of their mouth, including the once sacred phrase of, “I love you.”  I tried explaining to people that I am not naive when it comes to guys, because honestly, I know a guy who will do absolutely anything to get into a girl’s pants.  It’s actually kind of painful to watch–and experience–, but whatever.  When I see the things going on around me, I become wary of the world.

(Like, this weekend, I was watching Law & Order: SVU for a few hours and it kind of made me scared to go outside.)

I don’t believe everything people tell me.  Unless you are a really good friend, teacher, or Rachel Ramxpage, who doesn’t count as a friend anymore–she’s moved to the long lost sister role.  I think people expect “I love you” to make a difference in how you feel about them.  It may make you reciprocate the phrase, if only in words, not feeling.

Which is why I don’t want to get married.  With all the problems you have nowadays.  I would be the girl who believes a guy after years of not trusting guys.  Then, I would get married.  A couple years later, I’d probably pop out a couple of kids and then BAM!  He’s filing for divorce with his pretty new arm piece smiling dumbly at the court hearings. 

Maybe that’s what I fear. Not so much having children, but the part where I get ditched because I’m getting old.  It actually haunts me, that thought.  I had a conversation with one of my friends and he was appalled at me when I asked, “What if no one wants to marry me?”  He then proceeded to tell me that I was too wonderful to go on unmarried for the rest of my life.

Being in love sucks, by the way, I just wanted all of you to know that.  But, the thing is, it only seems to suck for me.  I usually have complicated relationships, and then I just hate the entire male race.

Like I do right now.


Four Brothers…Including Garrett Hedlund

25 02 2008


I watched Four Brothers twice this weekend because it is truly amazing, worthy of so much!  I want to buy it, but I’ll settle for watching it on tv for the moment.  Garrett Hedlund plays Jack Mercer, Mark Wahlberg plays Bobby Mercer, Tyrese Gibson plays Angel Mercer, and Andre Benjamin plays Jeremiah Mercer.  Garrett Hedlund is so beautiful I would have babies for him.  I mean, no man should look that good.  Here’s a good shot:


About A Boy

20 02 2008

We just finished watching About A Boy in Film Criticism and I truly adore that movie.  It has Hugh Grant, who is the most wonderful man in the world, and it has Rachel Weisz, who is aboslutely beautiful.  The story is so wonderful.  It has a happy ending, and all the lessons in that movie.  I adored it.  I recommend it with the enthusiasm of a nudist discovering that nude beaches actually exist.  (By the way, I’m not a nudist, nor am I enthusiastic about nude beaches.  But, you get the enthusiasm part, right?)


Plot synopsis.  The story starts out with Will (Hugh Grant) explaining how he was an island, even though someone says that “No man is an island.”  (He thinks that Jon Bon Jovi said it, but John Dunn really did.)  Then, he tries to pick up chicks that are single mothers, and he makes up a kid.  He meet Marcus.  Marcus’ mother is seriously screwed up.  Barking mad.  Marcus starts hanging out with Hugh, even though Hugh doesn’t want him to.   Then, he realizes that he wants more, and he wants Rachel, and his life is turned upside down.  I can’t tell you anymore.  It’ll ruin it.

Anyway, I was watching that movie today in film crit, and we were finishing it up, and I realized how wonderful it actually was.  You have this guy, he thinks he’s an island, and then a kid changes his life.  These are the kind of stories I need to hear, to know that people really do wish for these things.  For people to change based on a child that changed their life.  People shouldn’t need a drug overdose to change their life.  They just need someone to do so, or maybe even an event that doesn’t nearly kill you.  

So, watch this movie, please!!!

Hope We Both Learned Our Lesson

19 02 2008

That’s from Bayside’s “We’ll Be OK”, which is a wonderful song because of content.  I don’t really like the music, but the words are amazing.  It may not seem like it totally relates to this post, but I can’t give out all the information to what happened, because I don’t know if the other person implicated in this would care.  I don’t think he would, but I don’t want to take a chance. 

I was in a good mood before I went to lunch.  For reasons I will not divulge, I could not take the smile off of my face.  After lunch, however, this big rock of irritation and anger seemed to be crushing my ribs, breaking them into a thousand tiny pieces.  Those pieces were piercing my lungs and my hearts. 

Rachel was bitching about everything, and I love her, but I realize all we do is complain.  “I’m tired” “I have a headache”  “I hate people”  “I’m failing my class”.  We are a pair of whiny bitches.  I will tell you that. 

So, I’m already angry, because she’s been really snappy with me, and I think that she’s better friends with another girl, but I can’t tell.  I don’t even think I care anymore.  Then, I get into fourth, and I’m going to do something.  I have to go get a quote for yearbook.  There was this whole fiasco, which I don’t want to describe here, and I felt horrible. 

The yearbook advisor has officially estranged me from coming back for another year of yearbook.  I am so pissed off right now, that I want to scream my lungs out at everyone who has pissed me off today.  EVERYONE.  I want to scream until I can’t talk anymore. 

People keep telling me that our school sucks.  I used to say, “Oh, it’s not that bad.”  Now, I truly think it does suck.  I don’t care about all the stupid rules about PDA, and all that crap.  I’m a good student.  Sharing a seat with a guy friend does not mean I’m going to fail.  The yearbook advisor said today that she was the boss for the next week.  She said that she didn’t always agree with her boss, but that she bit her tongue and did it anyway.

I am tired of biting my tongue and following the rules.  I think that there is a line between breaking the rules wrongly, and breaking them for your own good.  I’m not sure where that line is, but I might just find out.  I’m not going to turn into a freaking delinquent, but I am going to evaluate my status as a goody two shoes, which I am sometimes.  I don’t care about much, but I almost never, ever get into trouble with the school. 

I’m probably going to get scolded for this post, but at the moment I don’t care.  This blog is not attached to the school, I have the right to freedom of speech and I am sure as hell going to express it.

I think I’m hyperventilating.