Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

1 02 2008

It’s cold oustide.  I walk out to the car in the morning and by the time I complete that ten foot walk, my teeth are chattering.  It’s insane.  It shouldn’t be this cold in the south.  It’s not normal!!  All I want to do is curl up with a good book, some hot cocoa, and pile blankets atop myself while listening to M*A*S*H as it plays on the tv in the background.  Ah, I have found heaven on earth.  But, alas, I am sitting at the computer, writing this, trying to keep my eyes open and it’s one minute away from eight o’clock at night.  Grr.

I know that a lot of my friends wouldn’t want to curl up with a book and hot cocoa, but they would curl up with a guy and be cozy and watch some sappy romance (or, maybe in Ramxpage’s case all of the Saw movies…I don’t know, so don’t ask) but I wouldn’t do that if I had a chance to do the former.  Unless that guy happened to be a certain someone.  😀 You guys know of whom I speak. ;D 

I am exhausted, and I don’t want to anything but sleep.  My sister, however, would pitch a fit about me going to bed earlier than she was, and then she’d come in the room, banging around, making more noise than a disgruntled, drunk giant.  Ungh.

We were watching a documentary in film crit today on the importance of Star Wars, and I appreciate them a lot now.  They were all for the depressed age of the seventies and I’m glad that George Lucas produced that film–he changed a lot of people’s lives.  Maybe not mine, but maybe if I had lived in that age.

And for Winged Ham Ham–  MIDORI IS THE AWESOMEST THING TO EVER HIT THE PLANET.  I LOVE YOU FOR CHANGING MY OUTLOOK ON MANGA.  I love it!!!  I’m on my second way through it.  😀

I am sentencing myself to the gallows–again–by taking an AP US History course next year. I hate my social studies teacher right now, but I want to try again.  I hope I’ll do better.  We-e-e-e-e-ll, I have a novel to right and a bed that’s calling my name.  Good night, all my best wishes, sweet dreams, don’t bother me till Monday…just kidding.  😀  Anyway, I’ll catch you cool kids later!




One response

3 02 2008

Wow, 8 o’clock, that sounds like me (or Hamms on cold meds). I agree w/ the book and cocoa thing, that is orgasmic! And especially when there is a fire in the fireplace! Hmmmmm, good stuff, good stuff! K, have fun “righting” your novel! Lol, night chica!

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