The Outsider

7 02 2008

A Perfect Circle is the best band ever.  Check them out live on Youtube.  Just type in The Outsider with the name of the band previously mentioned and then you’ll enjoy amazing lyrics, music, and vocals.  I know I do.

I feel like I’m on the outside looking in sometimes.  I see the bits and pieces of the lives of people around me, and I’m just kind of lost, knowing that I am unincluded.  I realized that they have a whole life that doesn’t include me and it doesn’t hurt, but it still stings and it’s like a dawning of the sun.  You never really know someone, and that’s worrying sometimes.

I feel like an outsider everywhere I go.  I have moved a lot in my life, because of my dad’s job.  I just stayed in one spot long enough to make friends and lose them.  Now, I have been in the same spot for several years.  I have really good friends, but I’m not good friends with anyone group.  I am a drifter, and I have parts of all the groups combined in me, so I can be friends with different groups.  Preps, rockers, potheads, the brainiacs. 

That’s all I had to say.  LOVE!! 




One response

8 02 2008

I see that as you being a pretty amazing person, being able to have all different kinds of people in your life, I mean, who doesn’t want to know all types of people? You learn so much by knowing different groups of peole and the fact that you do can show you how awesome you are. I think you are awesome Curb, and frankly, if you’d never wanted to be friends w/ different groups of people, my life would be a lot less interesting from day to day. 🙂 LOves, Fluffy 🙂

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