Curbxstomp Is, Sadly, Not Writing At The Moment

11 02 2008

I should be working on my book,  but that’s not happening because I’m talking to Austen on the phone, and writing this.  I need to be working!!!  Instead, I’m ranting about Valentine’s day. 😀  Never mind, not ranting anymore, because my dad’s a jerk and just kicked me off the phone because it was “too late”.  Stupid.  I don’t even care. 

I don’t hate Valentine’s day, but it can be really discomfiting sometimes and I hate that, like, a lot.  So, I’m not like the people who are out to slaughter people who celebrate Valentine’s day with their sweethearts. 

Anyway, back on subject.  I have a new main character that I was going to try to work on, but I have to find the paper I was writing on earlier today, and then I can elaborate.  I need to work on TCABR, but unfortunately I’m kind of stuck. 😦  Sucks, but I’ll hopefully move on soon.  It was doing so great because my anger was kind of motivating it…it’s not anymore.  William got really angry, and now I’ve got all this anger and no channel for it, so maybe I have to get mad again.  Which shouldn’t be difficult with the way my life’s going. 




2 responses

13 02 2008

You’re sounding pretty frustrated lately. I think we all are. Hang in there. Three day weekend coming.

14 02 2008

Hopefully it will be a relaxing, uncomplicated weekend for everyone else. I will probably be using those three days to figure out how to write a research paper.

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