Dictatorship–It’s Not In Our Government(maybe) But It’s In Our Homes

11 02 2008

I have lost my “privilege” of music.  Gone, taken by mother who sides with my sister because she’s younger.  I am not allowed to listen to music.  I can’t listen to it when I’m on the computer trying to write my book.  How retarded is that?  My mother complained about listening to it all the time, but I’m tired of listening to her carry on at midnight like no one’s sleeping.  Talk about annoying.  I’ve almost had it up to my eyeballs with this crap.  It really is always my fault.  People think I’m exaggerating.  I get blamed for everything because I’m oldest.  “You set the example, they followed it, and here you are.”  They wouldn’t have had to follow my example if you had watched your kids instead of dumping them on me!!


Frustration is abundant in my household, as are feelings of homicidal rage.  Especially in me.  I tell you what, if someone tells me one more time to clean my room right after I’ve cleaned it, I’m going to blow up my house. 




2 responses

11 02 2008

I’ll bring the dynamite, you supply the lighter, and then we’ll move on to my house. Wooo!

13 02 2008

Will do.

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