Intimidation At Its Best

14 02 2008

When I look at a lot of the blogs I have recently started to visit, I get really, really intimidated.   Maybe not so much by the posts–which intimidate me sometimes–but the comments.  These people sound so intelligent and I have absolutely no idea what they are talking about!  It makes me look like a fluff when I sit there, trying to figure out what they’re saying when it is really one of the simplest things in the world.  The comments I was just trying to read on Students 2.0 made my eyes wide, because I was going to comment.  I was so scared of sounding like an idiot that I just refrained from saying anything whatsoever.  Like that quote by Mark Twain:  “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”


This is what I feel like in the cyber world.  My comments are usually just quirky little things to bring smiles to people’s faces, but when I look at others’ comments, I lose my train of thought, and my palms get sweaty.  I don’t want to look like an idiot to these people.

I was talking to the Shield–my favorite teacher’s anonymous name–about the technicality of a lot of these people’s blogs.  It’s so technical to me sometimes I can’t even comment, because I don’t even know what’s going on in the first place. 

When I was writing my post for the Students 2.0, I was pretty satisfied with it, thought it was pretty good.  Then I saw everyone else’s.  Let me tell you, it wasn’t a confidence booster.  Was I stupid compared to these people?  Maybe. They are older than me, so they’re probably going to academically know more than me, or their vocabulary is more advanced.  Well, I thought my vocabulary was advanced, because I stopped reading the typical teen novels when I was 12, so I thought I was pretty smart.  Which, I am compared to my classmates, but not to these people.  They make me feel…not stupid, but maybe they make me feel uneducated, like I don’t know anything.

But, I do know stuff.  Most of it won’t really help me in the academic world, but it will help me with people, which will probably serve me better than anything else I may learn.  I mean, I didn’t even know what a mortgage was until the Shield explained it to our class.  I was ashamed, I can tell you that much. 

So, if I’m feeling intimidated when I’m reading comments, I don’t even want to know the reaction my post will get.  What if they hate it?  What if it isn’t as deep as everyone else’s?  I don’t claim to be a shallow person, but I’m not exactly deep either.  You have to catch me on the right day, because I don’t like thinking deep, because then I look at my life, and I see what’s wrong with it.

Only problem is, I’m not going to take the steps to fix it, becuase I can’t hurt people.





8 responses

14 02 2008

I think hanging out with people smarter than me makes me grow. I enjoy it. When I feel too overwhelmed or intimidated, I just switch to something else for a while.

BTW you are brilliant.

14 02 2008

BTW when are you going to sign up for twitter?

15 02 2008

I know exactly how you feel. As a teacher, I feel intimidated by some of the other educational blogs out there because they seem so far “above” me. Then I remember that I am writing what I know and what I feel in my heart and that is important too. Obviously from the number of people who are checking out my blog, there are some people that like what I am writing about and how I am writing it. I enjoyed reading your blog because it is clear, easy to read, and interesting. I will be adding you to my google reader!

15 02 2008

Yeah, when I’m at a certain demanding club I’m in, you know which one I mean, the people there make me feel…. very sophomore-ish. I know I am a sophomore, but I’m a very advanced intelligent sophomore. I don’t think I’m stupid, but compared to seniors and mentors who have lived much longer than I have, it certainly appears that way. Yep, I still talk though, and they still laugh at my naivity, then they explain to me what was so funny about it. I still love learning from them and getting experience with those who know more than I do. So, I think the peeps at Students 2.0 will not criticize you because your age separates you from them slightly, but instead they will mold you and make you better than you were before with advice and knowledge. Good luck w/ your future posts! I think you are very advanced and deep for your age, if it helps! : ) Love, fluffy!

15 02 2008

@Taylor: I have twitter, I don’t know how to use it. Thank you, for the brilliant comment, I just feel dumb sometimes
@Fluffy: Mold me? You do help, btw.
@Pat: Hey, thanks! I’ll check your blog out as soon as I have time!

15 02 2008

Everyone has their specific talents that they excel at, but just because you excel at it, it doesn’t mean others don’t. We’re at our different levels. You’re not lower than them, Curb. You have your own way of doing things. You can’t let intimidation discourage you because the greatest accomplishments are when you overcome that intimidation and succeed. It can’t be easy. The less work, the less reward.
Oh, and btw, you are very deep. Very very very deep and insightful, Curb. Don’t even doubt yourself on that. You manage to put into words those thoughts I have that I can’t explain to anyone. That’s what impresses me the most about you.


15 02 2008

Aw. Thanks hamz. I love you, too. I guess I am insightful, but that is borne of my writing ability that I inherit from my mother.

2 03 2008

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