Overrated Anomaly

15 02 2008

As a 15 year old girl, I should be having a wild social life, chasing every boy that passes by, and drinking till I don’t remember anything.  I just don’t want to. 

Ramxpage and I are an anomaly.  While other girls have issues finding guys, we have issues getting rid of them.  No joke.  We also have issues picking winners, because, trust us, a lot of the guys we consider are…  Well, we have a list actually, and maybe we’ll post that.  For me, it seems the number one attraction involves  him doing drugs, because I have never dated a guy without a drug, alcohol, or sex problem.  Everyone has their problems, but my typical boyfriend just seems to have those.  My friends look at me with those “What the hell are you thinking?” looks and I’m just like, you know what?

My taste in guys sucks.  I usually end up in crappy relationships, and then I get my heart broken, and have a fight with my dad, because I won’t tell him what’s wrong.  I just won’t talk to my dad about breakups, I don’t care how upset I am.  It’s awkward, and I don’t want him running amok with a shotgun, looking for the poor unfortunate soul who had once dated me.

It’s like a big warning sign:


That’s the other thing.  I won’t date anyone younger than me.  I’ve had offers, but I turned ’em down flat.  Sorry, not interested.  I can’t handle knowing that I’m older than the kid physically, but if I’m physically older, than I am mentally older too.  I am like a mother in my mindset.  I have the strange urge to protect everyone.  Have you ever seen the movie Raising Helen?  I am Joan Cusack’s character to a t, but I keep everything inside. 

I mean, what is up with me?  Why does my taste suck so badly?  It’s horrible, and I can’t really fix it, because it’s like ingrained on my skull.  I find the bad boys completely appealing.  Add in lip piercings and tattoos and I’m good.  I mean, I would marry the Punisher, for God’s sakes, just because he has that edge of danger.  Omg, I have problems. 

Anyway, I am an anomaly, and men are overrated.  Someone help me.




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15 02 2008

Seems to me, you’re just normal. Not in every sense, but in the sense of being attracted to the “Bad Boys.” Don’t worry, this will pass. It’s a young person thing. When your ovaries start calling out to you, you’ll be attracted to the ones with some sense. In the meantime, all you can do is keep your head about you and don’t let the “Bad Boys” do any permanent damage.

15 02 2008

To clarify: in most ways, you’re exceptional. Above average.

15 02 2008

I like the ovaries thing. I hope it does pass, because it is really really unhealthy. I think anyway. I knew what you meant, and thank you for that. I’m doing my best to prevent permanent damage. The only permanent damage done is the fact that I like dark haired men with facial hair; you know, that rugged look. (Wow, sound like anyone we know?)

15 02 2008
nikki karam

haha, wow.
yea, men are overrated but you knew i would say that.
fuck men….;P
but yea. you will be ok. you always are((normally)).
i miss you like crazy…i love you too.

((you are mine…like always.)) hehe.

call me sometime…i need to talk to you. k?..ok.

17 02 2008

Hey babe, you called me ten seconds after my phone got taken away. I can only talk on weekends after my homework is done. Which is never, but I will try to call you soon!

18 02 2008

i miss you.

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