About A Boy

20 02 2008

We just finished watching About A Boy in Film Criticism and I truly adore that movie.  It has Hugh Grant, who is the most wonderful man in the world, and it has Rachel Weisz, who is aboslutely beautiful.  The story is so wonderful.  It has a happy ending, and all the lessons in that movie.  I adored it.  I recommend it with the enthusiasm of a nudist discovering that nude beaches actually exist.  (By the way, I’m not a nudist, nor am I enthusiastic about nude beaches.  But, you get the enthusiasm part, right?)


Plot synopsis.  The story starts out with Will (Hugh Grant) explaining how he was an island, even though someone says that “No man is an island.”  (He thinks that Jon Bon Jovi said it, but John Dunn really did.)  Then, he tries to pick up chicks that are single mothers, and he makes up a kid.  He meet Marcus.  Marcus’ mother is seriously screwed up.  Barking mad.  Marcus starts hanging out with Hugh, even though Hugh doesn’t want him to.   Then, he realizes that he wants more, and he wants Rachel, and his life is turned upside down.  I can’t tell you anymore.  It’ll ruin it.

Anyway, I was watching that movie today in film crit, and we were finishing it up, and I realized how wonderful it actually was.  You have this guy, he thinks he’s an island, and then a kid changes his life.  These are the kind of stories I need to hear, to know that people really do wish for these things.  For people to change based on a child that changed their life.  People shouldn’t need a drug overdose to change their life.  They just need someone to do so, or maybe even an event that doesn’t nearly kill you.  

So, watch this movie, please!!!




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21 02 2008

I’ve seen that movie, and it’s so cute! Hugh Grant really is quite attractive. I love the ending when he starts playing the electric guitar…aw. So cute. ANYWAYS, I have some news for you. During my daily travels I came across a couple people that might interest you. One of them is my English teacher, who worked in a NYC publishing company for 10 years (she was the one that did the reading). I also talked with the resident writer for a little bit. I have some tips, if you’re still interested. I MUST EMAIL YOU SOON! I’ve just been ridiculously busy, but just letting you know you are still on my mind.

21 02 2008

I guess that is what some teachers feel like and why we teach. The students make a difference in our lives and it makes us feel good.

21 02 2008

@Lindseak- yes, you must email me! I’ve missed talking to you, but I understand the busy part. I am definitely still interested, in everything.
@Pat- Do students really? I knew they made some difference, but I didn’t know that it was all that common.

24 02 2008

Hey, this has nothing to do with this post, but I made a new website with a new blog on it, so I won’t be on WordPress anymore. I’ll actually be updating the blog on my new site, so if you want, you can check it out.


25 02 2008

@Bsinger1017: Hey thanks! I’ll check it out, and I’ll probably subscribe.

6 03 2008
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