Four Brothers…Including Garrett Hedlund

25 02 2008


I watched Four Brothers twice this weekend because it is truly amazing, worthy of so much!  I want to buy it, but I’ll settle for watching it on tv for the moment.  Garrett Hedlund plays Jack Mercer, Mark Wahlberg plays Bobby Mercer, Tyrese Gibson plays Angel Mercer, and Andre Benjamin plays Jeremiah Mercer.  Garrett Hedlund is so beautiful I would have babies for him.  I mean, no man should look that good.  Here’s a good shot:





7 responses

26 02 2008

I agree that no man should be that irresistible! I love him! He is sooooo handsome! I need to see that movie! Maybe movie night for Curb and Fluff? : ) Hehe, we shall see Anakin Skywalker… ; )

26 02 2008

YES! I totally agree. Hehe.

27 02 2008

Wow. I love his hair…
That spiky wild style is the one I love on guys.
I rate him a 10 ^-^
He was probably God’s art project.

27 02 2008

God’s successful art project. I want to marry him, and have his babies. Which is a lot coming from me. On a scale of one to ten, I rate him a 3 gazillion.

27 02 2008

3 gazillion is an amazing number! I agree with you muchly Hamms! He is a work of art. I would also like to extrapulate (if that’s how you spell that) on the schmexiness of Mark Wahlberg! Ughhh! I love him so much! He is soooooo hot in Shooter! I love that movie! Lol! Ttyl, guys! 🙂

27 02 2008

I want to see Shooter so bad. I agree that Mark Wahlber is a schmexi son of a beast. I’d marry him, but I wouldn’t have his babies. Sorry!

p.s. Extrapulate? Sounds really kinky.

27 07 2008

this man, is, oh God, I cant even find the words to say how beautiful this man is, and as u guys saw, hes perfect.. omg…

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