Tag, You’re It!

29 02 2008

I got tagged by a friend and so I’m going to put all the rules up and then my applications to the rules, but I’m not going to link back to her.

Go back to your archives and link to your five favorite posts.

Link one: Must be about family.
Link two: Must be about friends.
Link three: Must be about yourself.
Link four: Must be about something you love.
Link five: Can be about anything you choose.

Tag 5 other people; two must be people you are newly acquainted with so you can get to know them better.


Okay, here goes…

The Holiday From Hell was a funny post that described the family visits that happen oh so rarely for us, since all of our family lives in Michigan. This post, Ice Skating With My BFFL, is one of my favorites, a good time that I had with Ramxpage, and it makes me laugh.  A post about myself that I actually liked was difficult so I chose The Lost Generation because it describes alot about my life and my history.  Something I love… The First To End is a post almost exclusively about my writing, so it makes me really happy, because I love my writing.  My last post is Fools and Kings, for both the post itself and the comments which are just as entertaining. 

Okay, I tag Fluffy, Hamz, Kianah, Myles, and Struggling Writer.  Have fun, y’all!




2 responses

1 03 2008
{ K }

Thanks for tagging dear and ima gonna steal this meme from you hehe 🙂

1 03 2008

Lol, have fun chick!

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