Introductory Course: Who Is Curbxstomp?

6 03 2008

My name: Kaelie Curbxstomp
Occupation: Oppressed student/writer/blogger
Dream: To make a difference.

I have begun the record keeping of my life as I know it because of a question a mentor recently asked me:

“The bigger question is: Who is Kaelie Curbxstomp?”

I have been dwelling on this question for days and days.  (Okay, it’s only been maybe three days, but oh well.  I am entitled to my exaggerations.)  Who am I?  I don’t really know.  I don’t think it’s an identity crisis; I think it’s lack of time to think about myself.  You’re thinking “narcissistic” right about now, but it’s not narcissism, it’s “soul searching” but that can be both an oversimplification (I have seen that word twice in one day, so I have added it to my ever expanding vocabulary) and an exaggeration.  When applied to me, I don’t know.

So, on my excursion, I am going to learn about myself, and I will begin by citing what I do know:

  • Learning is a number one priority: as a writer, most of my work contains research.  I love research.
  • Music makes me happy, no matter what I’m listening to.  I could be listening to “Sleeping With Ghosts” which is probably the most depressing song in the world.  (Note: this may explain my attraction to dark haired musicians…)


  • Without writing, I would self destruct.  Even music couldn’t save me.  Paired with this, is my avid hobby of reading.  It helps my writing and my vocabulary.  What’s not to love?
  • Family is very important; I think it’s my Italian roots.  Friends often become family in my book, because to me, family doesn’t mean blood relation.  One more thing, these friends that cross into the family territory have warranted my full protection.  I may not look threatening, but when I’m pissed, I’m dangerous.
  • Movies are literature that I would disintegrate without.  I took Film Criticism because I wanted to know more about what I loves, and I’m glad I did. 

That’s about it.  For sure, anyway.  A few things are questionable at the moment, but I will explain that when I actually figure it out.  Example: my view on marriage and chilren (mainly pregnancy, in the children area) Both are EVIL (they’re the devil!…for you Waterboy fans) in my book.  But I’m 15 years old.  What do I know?

Ah! One more thing.  Americans have this weight issue nowadays.  I am proud to say that I love me for me.  I am veeery curvy, but I’ve been told–by several guys–that it’s attractive (not necessarily me, but curves as a whole).  I like my body.  I’m 5’5″ and 130 pounds and I’ve never been happier.  I may not wear a Ø but at least I have boobs.  How many of you Ø wearers can sya that?  My point exactly.  I am not insulting all of you, but the ones who have the nerve to tell me I’m fat, is all.  Love you guys, too.

I will be back with more Curbxstomp!

Current Music: “Fake Plastic Trees” by Radiohead





10 responses

6 03 2008

Very nice. Figure out your own stuff. It’s good that you already figured out how much you like writing. I never wrote seriously until this summer. Don’t know why.

As for Daniel, I’m a bit confused by your last & would like to talk more about it tomorrow.

6 03 2008

PS- Did you see those teacher videos? Yikes!

6 03 2008

I may be online tomorrow, because I won’t be at school. Um, I’m a bit confused by what you are referring to when you refer to Daniel… I haven’t had a chance to watch them yet–I’m working towards it.

6 03 2008

Great post! As for marriage, if and when you are ready, you won’t think it is evil. Too many young people feel pressured into getting married or won’t admit that they aren’t ready and go along with marriage because it is the easy way out. I waited a year after college because I wanted to prove to myself that I could be independent before I got married. That confidence got me through tough times as we worked through our relationship. Every year seems to get better and better because we are best friends and we have been together for 29 years this year. You talk about learning is your number one priority and I think learning about relationships is also a good thing to learn by experiencing many (I’m not talking about sex :)) but finding out what values you like in people so that when you are ready to commit to someone, you will be sure you aren’t settling for less. I hope all this makes sense and I’m sorry if it doesn’t.

6 03 2008

@Pat: It completely makes sense. And it just kind of made me think. I can’t believe you’ve been married for so long! That must be great. I guess I don’t want to get stuck in a miserable marriage, because I think that a divorce would wreck me. I understood the relationship thing. I mean, I kind of make it plain that sex is my last priority in a relationship, especially since I’m avoiding it until marriage, because nowadays, you can never be too careful. I am look for the one to commit to. I hope the search gets better.

8 03 2008

Well, your dream is weak, cause you accomplished it when i met you


9 03 2008

Thanks Myles. You always know how to make me smile.

9 03 2008

I’m definitely intrigued by your soul search. I definitely think I need to do the same thing. I have real issues in figuring out what I want, like in a career in my future, in guys, in clothes, even. I mean, in some ways outside of school I’m extremely indecisive, and I don’t like it. I want to try to become more concrete and sure of myself, knowing my strengths and weaknesses. I hope I can do this more in depth this summer. Getting a job and looking more closely into colleges than I already have will hopefully help me in finding out more about myself. Good luck on your search too, girl. 🙂
Love, Fluffy 🙂

10 03 2008

Ah, Placebo.

I saw them live.

It was disappointing. heh

11 03 2008

You didn’t like them? My aunt absolutely loved them, and I do too. I can’t wait till they go on tour again so I can see them!

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