This is my little, rushed biography for you people who want to know more about me.  I am a writer, and it is obviously my passion, so if I get a little wordy, and lyrical with simple little stories, that’s why.  I love music and like Kim Harrison says, “It is my muse.”  I love reading also, because it improves my writing.  I also love my friends, and most of them are like family, and I would protect them to all extents, of course.  I also love to learn.  Philosphy means “the love of knowledge”  I would say I’m a philosopher because I love knowledge, but people don’t think of philosophers like that anymore.  I really enjoy watching films.  This is why I am taking Film Criticism at the moment, because I want to understand what it is about the movies that appeal to me.  My favorite movie at the moment is Blood and Chocolate, and no, I have not wasted my time reading the book.  I am a complete Harry Potter fanatic because that story is one that… is unique and meaningful to me, so whatever your criticisms are, I don’t care.  I really could care less about the universe.  I’m happy with my own little corner of the world.


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7 10 2007

Really, you got a whole corner? All I got was a measley littel nook. Who did you get as your realestate agent, WHO? jk, got a little carried away there with my jealousy!

14 02 2008

My real estate agent is mine. MINE!

17 02 2008

wow, yup that sure sounds like you.
how are you doing??

krystal aka nikki.

27 02 2008

Have a nice day !

1 03 2008

Hey, just an update…I updated my blog just now.

You might find it a little interesting, perhaps. It’s supposed to be venting but it didn’t help too much…heh

So yeah.

1 03 2008

Shit, forgot to link you to it. Here:


6 05 2008

I saw your comment on Soojin’s blog. You like to write, music and you are a one-girl revolution, then we need you at the Intrepid Classroom:


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