September Brought The Fall by FAREWELL

left a post-it note on her wall
but september, yeah, she brought the fall
and with every cold breath, shell be catching her death before long

so contemptible at the card table
watching her cut the lines
im so cynical- fucking miserable
deconstruct by design

she was only a lonely accomplice

it was all for the best in the end
but id die to make her realize im only trying to get through- its long overdue

hope youre happy now
distance wont allow me to build bridges to you
its kinda funny how youre all over town
like its the right thing to do

its despicable how this criminal gets away with the prize shes so pitiful- often critical- watching others scrape by

better watch out if you fall in love with a liar
cause boy shell tear you apart
shell blow out the spark in your eye
better watch out if you fall victim to desire
cause boy shell tap out your heart
and leave you with nothing inside

I just really like the lyrics to this song…isn’t that enough?


One response

25 11 2007

i love farewell. i saw them live at jt music here in midlothian…they were amazing.

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