The Rain by Forever in Motion

The Rain 

Time carries us away
From all the places we have come to love;
Just wishing we could stay.
But maybe that’s not the point.
What makes this all so god damn beautiful
Is knowing that its bound to fade in time.
If you listen you can hear the wind talking to the trees,
Like words of quiet angels, or so i’d like to believe.
I don’t know where i am going.
I don’t know where i want to be.
But as long as i have a soundtrack
I’ll make it there breathing.
And so it comes, the heavy rain…
The storm we’ve all been waiting for
To wet our hearts and make sense of this pain,
From standing still for far too long
(from holding out and holding on to all the things
You know will only hold you back in the end) you’re just holding out for something better
To steal you from these tired days that you don’t want.
What are you hoping for?
Miracles happen all the time, so where is yours?
The rain, it never lies.
Writing its secrets on the window pane.
You lose your focus in the subtleties of its poetic grace.
There’s just something about its sadness that makes
You feel okay.
Do you remember that rainy afternoon
When we cried in each other’s arms?
When we knew we’d found perfection
But somewhere deep inside,
Knew it had come too soon for us to hang on,
Or try to make it last.
We can’t forget these moments baby,
But our lives are now.
Don’t lose yourself in the past.
Once we find ourselves i swear i’ll find you again someday.
But the western wind is calling me
I heard the angels say my name.
My loner heart is aching, so i’ll be leaving soon
To start this lonesome journey
When the leaves dance for the moon.


One response

4 05 2008

writng its secrets on the window pane. (these are the moments of our lives)*

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