My Sansa e250R

9 10 2007

That is the technical name of my best friend, someone who I have been with for not even a year…my mp3 player.  Wow, how weird does that sound?  But, seriously, I love my mp3 player, because it holds my life: music.  I think I would die without music.  Some of the churches frown upon music, they say it is sinful, or something along those lines, and I really don’t understand that because I channel all of my feelings through what I listen to.  It just helps me keep my cool.  I think that is what makes our generation so devoted to music: they say everything we wish we could say, but we would never say it because it wouldn’t be cool.  I don’t understand the complexities of a lot of things, but then, I might not understand much.



29 09 2007

For those of you who do not know, that stands for the title of a completely amazing game called World of Warcraft. I just created a character on my friend’s account and let me tell you, it’s pretty amazing. I am a Blood Elf named Bellatryxx, and she’s really cool. There really isn’t a plot for the game as a whole, but Blood Elves are like evil Night Elves who crave power, because they were betrayed or something like that. It’s interesting because there is a Horde side and then there is an Alliance side and it’s all pretty cool because you have people who play Horde, and then those who play Alliance, and everyone thinks that the other side is bad and that their side is the good side. Which is how everything works isn’t it? Anyway, the game is pretty cool because all sorts of people play the game, it’s not just certain people. Normally, people think of the nerds who do nothing else but play video games, but there is a woman who plays along with her nine year old daughter. Women and men play it and it’s pretty cool because you can chat and get to know people, and overall I think that it’s a good experience. Maybe that’s just my opinion.