14 01 2008

Isn’t that statement a little inappropriate for the vampires?  Undead means living, right?  They are dead.  Vampires, I mean.  I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this especially when I’m watching Rachel play Guitar Hero 2.  I don’t know how to play–she says she’s going to teach me.  Her team lost their hockey game, badly.  9 to 2 I believe the score was.  Yeah, it was not pretty.  Not pretty at all.

I need to be writing, but, none of these people have Word on their computers and it’s driving me up the wall.  Yeah, coming to Rachel’s is just a time for both of us to kick back, stuff our faces, and play World of Warcraft… and watch movies such as Pirates.  :D, ah the good times.  Anyway…

I am reading  Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost again, and I like it better now that I’m reading it a second time.  I wasn’t too thrilled the first time I read it, but then I can’t put it down.  Almost every book I read is like that.  Even Kim Harrison took me a few times before I really loved her.  It’s all in the knowing of what’s going to happen.  If you don’t know, you get really frustrated and are unable to really enjoy the book.  That’s why books are better the second time.

I need to be working!


World of Warcraft

12 10 2007

So, I am definitely trying to help my friend with our project, but sometime, there is really nothing to do right now…so I’m useless…for now.  Anyway.  wow, I really don’t understand the whole cyber friend thing…I just don’t.  I think it is really, really…weird.  I just can’t have a friend that I’ve never met in real life, because that would just bother me and you don’t even know what kind of things bother me, but that would.  Wow, that was probably a run-on sentence, but oh, well.  I keep using the acronym for World of Warcraft a lot in this blog post.  Well, maybe she needs me for something… nope.  Still waiting.  This is going to take us forever still and we have only like an hour and twenty minutes to finish this all up…I really hope this turns out well, because if not we are so SCREWED.  I should check the class blog…

World of Warcraft and All of The Racial Divisions

29 09 2007

Even though I do not play, I find World Of Warcraft very, very cool. I just usually watch Rampage play because I don’t have it at my house. I am trying to get all of the races straight, because I don’t have it all down yet. The Night Elves are the best, next to the humans. There are also dwarfs, and…something else, I couldn’t understand what Rampage said just now. But I do know that if you are on the Horde side, you can be a Blood Elf, an undead, Taurin (a cow), an Orc (as in Lord of the Rings I think), and troll. Back to the good side… and then there are gnomes and Draeneis, which are like wierd looking. Star Warsish…with hooves. Got it? I do now. I just thought I would share, even though Winged Ham Ham already knew this. Peace, peeps.