Video of the Week

22 03 2008

I really like this video.


Eddie Izzard

18 02 2008

  I love Eddie Izzard, and this video is hilarious.  I will post another video later, but I have homework.  Please watch!

Teenagers, My Chemical Romance

1 11 2007

I absolutely adore this video, like, you don’t even know!!  It kind of puts things in perspective for certain people.  I just like the whole meaning–especially the ending of it, let me tell you.  I’m talking about the screen with words by the way.  I love Gerard Way, and the only person I know of who likes MCR, besides, Austen, is Photographer.  Everybody else is like, ugh, and I’m like, loser!  Anyway!  Watch!

February Song, by Josh Groban

1 11 2007

Watch out, boys of America!  Y’all have to live up to this guy!  I definitely want to marry this guy.  But, anyway, this song is amazing, and he performed it at his concert, and I was like, OMG!!!  He is gorgeous, he has an absolutely fantasmical voice, and look at that hair! Did I mention that he was gorgeous?  Anyway, I just think he is a really down to earth guy, because when he was talking to the crowd, he reminded me of someone I didn’t meet until a while after the concert.  Yes, everyone should know who I am talking about.  Anyway, watch, enjoy, and try not to drool!

Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix International Trailer

23 10 2007

I know that this came out a while ago, but this is for fluffyfan15 who loves Harry Potter as much as I do!  This is really amazing, for those of you who don’t go to the movies to see this kind of stuff.  Watch it!

Thirty Seconds To Mars

23 10 2007

Can you say, SEXY????  Jared Leto is absolutely amazing, and no, that’s not the only reason why I listen to them…although it is probably the biggest reason…Their best song by far has to be…”Buddha for Mary” off their first album.  And, of course, “The Kill” and “A Beautiful Lie” are good too.  But, watch the vid if you haven’t! My favorite part is when he is yelling at himself…yum.