Mick St. John

My favorite television show is currently “Moonlight”, with no competition at all.  I will give you a little rundown on the show before I tell you all about the sexy main character.  *grin*  Anyway, the story is about Mick St. John, a vampire.  He was bitten some sixty years ago when he was thirty.  I can’t even do the math, so don’t ask.  But, he was bitten by his wife.  I really don’t know whether or not he’s dead.  But, Mick saves a girl named Beth Turner when she was like ten years old.  Now, she is close to Mick, like you know kind of close.  Not really, but they are in love, you can tell.  But, now Mick is a p.i. (yes, like Magnum…wow, are all p.i.’s sexy, or what?  But, anyway. alex-oloughlin.jpg Mick is played by Alex O’Loughlin, who doesn’t have any trace of an accent in the show, but was in fact born in Australia.  His birthday is August 24, same month as mine!…just a few years before.  But, I want y’all to see Mick, and why me and my mother adore him.  *grin*


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7 10 2007

Yeah, I’m interested in that show, even my dad watches it. But I think it interferes with one of my other shows. So, you know, I can’t let it get in the way of my shows that already have seniority! lol!

8 10 2007



15 11 2007

Love this show, i am so excited for tomorrow to see it. I love Alex he is such a charming, handsome man. His girlfriend is ever so lucky. I think this show has real good actors and i am only hoping that it will keep on going. The forbidden love between Mick and Beth is very intriguing and i love Josef with his comments. Just Love it!!!

8 12 2007

I love you and your show

29 12 2007

My friend and I have a sllepover every Friday night just to watch Ghost Whisper and Moonlight. We can’t wait until the week is over to see them. We love Moonlight!

25 01 2008

I love Mick st John he is so cute he has a perfict additude with the fangs it makes it that much interesting luv ya mick

25 01 2008
Halo (knickname)

also I hope it keeps going I can’t live without my moonlight at the end of every week hope it comes on again!!!! 🙂

2 03 2008

Moonlight is pretty good, y’all. I’ve missed the last couple of episodes cause of school, and then you had the writers’ strike. Hope y’all are doing okay.

12 03 2008

I love you so much you are so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! keep makeing the hot shows and please don’t die!! cause I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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