So, this one is spurred from my mind after I saw that Rampage had made a page about me on her blog, so I am going to make one for her.  I’m so stupid.  Why hadn’t I thought about this before?  Anyway, where do I start?…

Well, Rampage and I met in English last year, after we got stuck together in a group project.  It was for a booklet on a tale from Mythology by Edith Hamilton.  And I, being a social bee, talked and talked to her until eventually, she responded.  Then, we endured a year of abandoning each other for other people until we discovered that we were almost exactly alike.  And then we became best friends.

So, now we meet after almost every class, and talk every night on the phone for a minimum of two hours, and we have the same taste in almost everything.  We spend the majority of our time at her house, because having four younger kids running around Rampage isn’t a good idea…she might kill them.  Just kidding.

But, Rampage is “my girl” and I will stick up for her always, even against my other friends, because we get each other.  I love this girl to death, and I will always love her even if she decides to live out of her car. *wink, rampage, wink*


3 responses

5 11 2007

haha omgee last year was great, i like never talked in english, ahah but…i was actually really loud and annoying, and now since you talked to me you have to put up with my snnoyingness. MUAHAHAH. Yeah i might kill one of your siblings. Ha ha but you might wanna kill one of mine two. Teehee.


5 11 2007

so that snnoyingness….is suppose to be annoyingness. lol. stupid me!

6 11 2007

Wow…you are stupid

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