An Unexcused Absence

17 03 2008

I’ve been gone awhile.  On account of having a pretty sucky one half of the month.  I’ve been so miserable that I just don’t get on to blog because I thought I might kill the computer.  Right now, I’m trying to keep myself calm so I don’t start crying.

I have had a pretty hard time.  All that goes on in my house nowadays is yelling, screaming, or crying.  All that goes on at school is uncomfortable silences and dirty glances.  All that happens in my classes is a secluded loneliness in the back of glass, my nose shoved into a paper or a book, trying to drown myself in school work so I don’t think about what my problems are.

I do have to say that my writing has become exceedingly better.  My characters have depth, my story has substance, and it’s completely satisfactory, if I do say so myself.  I tried to use my characters to keep my mind occupied and away from everything.  I got almost 20 pages in two days.  It’s been pretty amazing to be able to write again, like a weight has been lifted.  

You know how bad it gets when I start reading only Meg  Cabot books.  Yep, I have resigned myself to teen novels written by Meg Cabot.  She has to be the most amazing writer in the history in forever.  She surpasses all the other writers I read, because it feels like Meg Cabot has been there forever…

I just wanted to use this last paragraph to wish the troops luck, and to let them know I’m praying for them. 

Have a good night, y’all. 



7 11 2007

Also a song by My Chemical Romance, but not talking about this at the moment.  Anyway.  Well, sleep, what to say about sleep.  I love to sleep!  It is my favorite past time besides reading and writing.  Oh, and Myles?  I have the cure to a broken heart:
I kid you not.  I slept for an entire weekend after a complete letdown, and I won’t lie to you: I felt so much better, and eventually sleep erased it from my mind.  😀

I think that sleep is really one of the few times that we actually have to ourselves: back to the shower post I had up when I first created my wordpress blog.  No one can tell you how to sleep.  They can tell you when to go to sleep, but not how.  And maybe that’s why I like it so much…that or the fact that you just feel so damn good after sleeping for thirteen hours.  (I honestly don’t know how people make it with only 7-8 hours of sleep…I sure as heck don’t.) (This is for you people who suffer my wrath when I got absolutely no sleep the night before)

So, Myles, when you have free time…sleep, man, sleep.