Road Rage

27 03 2008

I honestly hate this state.  Nice landscape, beautiful downtown.  I hate the people.  I don’t hate ALL the people, just the majority of the RUDE JACKASSES wh don’t know how to drive.  They keep me in fear of driving on the roads of this state.

Driving on the highway with the family, going to meet the pops for lunch.  Some asshole nearly rearends my mother because he doesn’t know the rules of the raod and then, AND THEN, he flips my mom off.  With a kid in his front seat!  Never mind what he’s teaching his kid.  Who does he think he is flippig my mom off?

If we hadn’t been on 385, if we had been facing each other, feet on the ground, I would’ve broken his nose for disrespecting the woman who gave birth to me.  Hoenstly, half of this freaking state doesn’t know how to drive a damn car.  Pisses me off.  People get mad at YOU for what THEY did wrong. 

How gay is that?