Curbxstomp & Ramxpage

25 04 2008

Many of you read about me and Ramxpage’s crippling fight about a month ago; I was broken up about it and very recently we have gone back to our old ways:  extremely long pone calls, hanging out at her house and eating like cows.  You can see the difference in my attitude, because I’m listening to music again, my writing has improved, and I have initiative I feel great.  Or felt anyway.

I had a great school day–Daniel was in a good mood, HSAP was over, and I was working on a new story.  then I came home. That’s when everything becomes a suck fest.  I’m going to glaze over the events, because no one would reallly understand anyway.  So, about eightish–after I pampered myself (the norm:  shaving, lotion, eyebrows plucked and all the while I was listening to Vanessa Carlton)–I couldn’t take it anymore.  I threw on public appropriate clothes (I was wearing booty shorts and a cami, and my mom nearly had a heart attack and made me put on “decent” clothes) and took my phone outside.

While I was at the dinner table, before this, I was fighting tears.  So, when I was more relaxed, I called Rachel, because no one understands more than she does.  So I sat in my driveway and called her.  I was doing okay for the first half of the conversation, but when she was asking me what was wrong, I started to tell her and then all hell broke loose.  In other words, I burst into tears.

I sat in my driveway, crying for more than twenty minutes, telling her everything.  Unlike some people that I confide in, she was completely indignant on my behalf and made me feel a lot better, and I love her for it.  She was completely outraged and she made me laugh to make me feel better.  It’s great to have a best friend who doesn’t question all that you do.  And, she didn’t want me to wear my boots, and I did anyway, because some guy asked me to and I should have listened to her.  Because now, my ankles are bleeding and I’m in serious pain.  Rachel ALWAYS knows best.

You know someone’s your best friend when they defend you even if you are wrong, but when it’s all over they say, “Uh, do you even know what you’re talking about?”

“Hello, how are you?  I think that we should be best friends.”
-“Hello, Yellow” by Backseat Goodbye 


Life At Its Best

11 11 2007

So, this weekend me and my friend have been collaborating on a novel by email over 800 miles (she lives in Michigan, where I am originally from) and we are doing so much better than the other friend that I was working with on a daily basis through phone and person.  We reached the 10,000 word mark in one day, so we’re going pretty good.  I kind of forgot that it was NaNoWriMo, so my project is way behind schedule.  Oh, well. I actually should be working on chapter 4 at this very moment…

But, did you see my song quote?  It is definitely the new stance I am taking on life, for those of you who know me really, really well.  *cough*fluffy, hams, ramxpage*cough*  😀  I was going to make that stance official by going over to Ramxpage’s but my dad was being retarded and didn’t let me leave the house for the most RETARDED REASON EVER!

I hope you guys enjoy what little we have left of our weekend…I forgot to turn my alarm clock off all weekend so I got up at 6:10 anyway, woken up by “White Houses”, one of Vanessa Carlton’s best.  Hm.  I seem to be listening to her alot.  I wonder why… 

I’ll see you guys on Monday.


kaelie curbxstomp

Life, In General

29 10 2007

Today, was, overall, a good day.  I didn’t have any problem getting through first, second, or third.  I love fourth period, because it is Yearbook, and that’s amazing, because the teach in that class loves me, because I am really good at it.  But, anyway, I usually end up having a downhill kind of day after that, because of certain people that I don’t want to talk about, and, no, Rampage, I am not referring to you.  But, as usual, fifth period lifted my spirits through the friggin’ roof, and that’s pretty good because my high school is like three stories tall.  But, anyway.  Emmy Rossum has a new Cd, you know her from Phantom of the Opera.  She is really pretty, and her voice is amazing, and I am actually listening to the cd now, because I want to know if it is any good before I buy it, and so far, I adore it, its very inspiring.  Vanessa Carlton’s new Cd also came out, and that’s pretty amazing, because I love her.  I usually only listen to the bands of like, death metal, and hard core, but lately, I’ve been back into my female singers.  I have all of Vanessa’s cd’s except her new one, and Emmy is quite similar to Vanessa.  I am reading Stray by Rachel Vincent, and that lady is pretty amazing, I can’t wait until her new book comes out!…Which won’t be for a while, because that book just came out a few months ago.