The Grating Feeling Of Irritation

11 01 2008

So, I wouldn’t say that today was the suckiest day of my life, but I will say that I didn’t have much fun. The yearbook staff outing was…fun?  I had fun, me and Katie and everyone, but then I got home and everything was kind of like, blah, because my mom had to go to work. 

It doesn’t help that I really had my life put into perspective for me.  My friend just had a family emergency, and seeing her break down broke my heart.  I had been previously freaking out about leaving my cell phone at home, and upon hearing Tinesha’s story, I felt really really bad.  I know you can’t compare one persons troubles to anothers because certain things affect people differently.

And to make things so much better, I realized that a lot of people think that I don’t like them, and apparently I give the impression that I don’t.  No comment from fluffy and hamz, please, I don’t know how much I can take.  What really irritated me was I was listening to Ramxpage talk about this and I didn’t know if she was mad or not.  I know it ticked me off because I am so tired of dealing with people.  Rachel is my best friend and some guy she hasn’t even known a year was telling her that he would yell at me for yelling at her.  I was yelling at her in joking and he didn’t know that, but it really really ticked  me off, because I didn’t know who he thought he was. 

I just don’t want to get into a fight with Ramxpage about all of this.  I am going over to her house supposedly on Sunday, and I don’t want to talk about any of this because it makes me mad and sad and it makes just want to curl up and do absolutely nothing.  It also doesn’t help that I keep getting lied to by people I thought I knew and I am just so sick of everything.

I need to go watch Moulin Rouge or I’m going to blow my top.