They’re here!…With No Piercings…

5 10 2007

I just got my Jonas Brothers cd today!  *screams*  I am so ‘cited.  I am actually listening to it right now, and I love it.  I sound like such a dork, but they are absolutely amazing, like I’m not even kidding.  I can tell you what I will be listening to while I do my homework…

I am conducting a poll about tatoos and piercings and I have one thing to say.  Some piercings are really, really gross, like not even kidding.  If you have a few, great.  But if you take out your piercings and you don’t have a face left…you have some serious issues, my friend.  However, I will say this:  Snake bites are the sexiest piercings in the world.  I am not even kidding.  For those of you who don’t know what they are, they are lip piercings that line up with your incisors.  I’ll post a picture of Sonny Moore, lead singer of From First To Last, who has these piercings.from_first_to_last-sonny_moore.jpg

Aren’t they hot, or what!?




20 responses

7 03 2008
the black crow

dude i have these they rock but there not true snake bits unless you get them done at the same time none of that weak ass ill get the other one done in a month..

7 03 2008

That’s awesome, dude.

9 03 2008
storm pony

snakebites are awesome!!
i wanna get them so bad but my parents say no cause they think their stupid…..

i cant wait till im 18

11 04 2008

Oh my life, are you crazy?!
They look absolutely pathetic, get rid a.s.a.p
Gosh what were you thinking?
I Love Them Totally……

11 04 2008

snake bites aare awsome they make boys look so grade
im getting them done this year for my 15th yay go me
my mum dnt like me being emo or getting any peircing but hey fuk her my body so meh

but i think they are totally awsome everyone shud get snake bites lol

25 04 2008

1 05 2008

i love them . i love sonny ! just saw them a few days ago thier amazing (:

29 05 2008

i totally agree that snake bites are hot, why? because i have them mwahahahahaha , i think they look better with studs then hoops in though

31 05 2008

snake bites r the kewlest im getting them done soon….hopefully

6 06 2008

ohhh mann i love piercings i have a few myself got my first when i 13 cant get away from it abot to go get some more amd a few tats lol love it

10 06 2008
xxMy Poisoned Heartxx

OMG!!!! I LOVE SONNY MOORE!!!! lol. yes im a guy its like an awsome love, anyways i want snakebites but my parents wont let me there like no its disrespectful i h8 it!!! any ways GO SONNY!!!!

25 06 2008

sonny isnt the leadsinger anymore ='[
he has begon a singe carrier =[
but now matt is the leadsinger of fftl, he is sooo Hawt !

26 06 2008

nice its hot 😀

5 07 2008

omgg, i am getting 1 of those when i am 14!!! yay, and i have my eye brow pierced and 2 holes in each ear and my cartlige pierced on my right ear

14 07 2008

i adore snakebites!
whenever i see a guy witht them, i drool.
but only certain guys can pull it off..
I FREAKIN WANT SNAKEBITES..darn parental units wont let me.

16 07 2008

I love them also.
Which is why I got them done.

They look good on girls too. =D

27 07 2008

i gt 4 lip percing
2 snke bites or two lots of spider bites lol

it doesnt even hurt i onlt got 2 done 2 days ago
so if u want to get one at a tyme u can doesnt matter if u get one at a tyme u still got snake bites or what ever so yea other people can stick it!!

4 08 2008

I have four lip piercing.
Used to have snake bites.
Then i got like spider bites on left and right , but different then the normal.
They’re becoming over rated tbh.

if any of you go on my myspace like you don’t have four you only have 3 I only just got the fourth one I didn’t have enough money.

Tbh I don’t think EVERYONE should get snakebites, some people look like a joke with them. 🙂 Some don’t.

5 08 2008

Hell yeah, getting mine done this weekend i hope. Will have pics on my myspace once they are done.

19 08 2008

snake bites are gorge but spider bites are better. i had snake bites before but i didnt like it so i took one out and got the other side pierced into spider bites. looks much better:] (L)X

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